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 Are You Hot or Cold? 
Revelation 3: 15-16 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. “So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.”
Hot or Cold?
Excuse me? Did you say vomit? Yuck! You actually mean that Jesus is going to spew me out of His mouth? What about being HOT or COLD? Isn’t going to church on Sunday enough? Surely, attending church on Wednesday AND Sunday will be enough to keep Jesus from getting upset with me…right?  I hate vomit!
Think of a thermostat. One end is cold and one end is hot. The middle is lukewarm.
SATAN                                         JESUS
 Cold                                                Hot    
Remember the rhyme we were taught as children if we were ever caught in a fire? STOP, DROP and ROLL. We were taught that because we could remember it easily. Why can’t we remember what Jesus says will happen if we are lukewarm? We seem to skip over that verse….the vomit verse.
Fires are hotter than we can imagine. Once ignited, they spread and the flames rage without help. If you add wind to that flame, it spreads so quickly that it is hard to stop. Fire trucks are called to the scene, people show up to see what is going on, and there is an elevated, intense anticipation in the air. How long will it rage on? How far will it go? How much damage will it take with it? There are many factors that determine its course. One outcome is certain…it causes damage.
There seems to be so much heartache, destruction and killing in our world today.   If God doesn’t come back soon, He will have to take back what He did to Sodom and Gomorrah, which was rain fire down from Heaven, destroying them because of their wickedness. Our society is ten times worse than they ever thought of being. When you can suck the brains out of a baby’s head while it is still in the womb of a mother and get paid to do it, something is very wrong. This comes from a person who has had five abortions. The Holy Spirit said to me at one point in my life, “Molly, when is it that you think I put the soul into someone, AFTER they have come out of the womb?”   Quite frankly, I never stopped to think about it at all.   I wanted to shove it under the rug as I always did everything I did not want to think about.  
Our society, our thinking as a nation of people has gone to Hell in a hand basket. Have we lost our minds or have we just become so numb that we cannot see that? It is like we are frozen…. like ice.
We will have to kneel before the Lord and answer for what we have done or not done whether we like it or not. There is so much more to learn about Jesus and our God-given rights as God’s children than we have been taught. We get so tangled up in church work that we don’t even do God’s will within the church itself. The true passion of Christ has been lost within the church as a whole.
Instead of baking things and selling them to pad the church accounts, why don’t you bake things, gather together and use them as an offering to the Lord and give them to the homeless, widows and orphans? Then God will bring the increase to your church. Instead of selling a camper on the front lawn of your church to pad the general fund, why don’t you proclaim a fast and seek the Lord’s face to ask Him what you should do to help with the growth of your church? 
Jesus said that He wished we were either hot or cold. Notice that He said it three times in just one verse. I would rather die on fire for God than to have Him spew me out of His mouth as vomit. Passion for Jesus has been lost. To go against the tide to accomplish His will is scary. Some people who are your Christian friends might leave you behind. They might say you are nuts. To have a passion that will spread like wildfire and take in its path every soul that it touches can seem far out…. almost impossible. To actually damage Satan’s rule on this earth is what God wants us to do.
It does not mean going off half-cocked. What it does mean to me is that I will pray until I feel that God is giving me an answer to a problem or give me clear direction to go in. Do you even know that you can get an answer from God right here and right now? I used to think that praying for an hour was a long time. The greatest overcomers pray.  They are also the most victorious. It will cost you to have a move of God in your life and in your church. What are you willing to sacrifice for the man that you call LORD?
When I think of cold, I think of ice cubes. They are hard, stiff and melt away right in front of your eyes.   Knowing there is evil in this world, sitting back and doing nothing, turning your cheek- are we frozen?   When you throw water on a raging flame, you have nothing left but dark, wet, soggy junk. A lot of church folks are the water that puts out the flame of the Holy Spirit in today’s church.
Light a match, ignite the flame in your soul and make a difference for your Father in Heaven and your Lord Jesus Christ. The time is short and the opportunities are fleeting. What are you waiting for? Find out your purpose, head in that direction and do not give up. God will open the doors. Do not get sidetracked on doing good things in the name of Jesus. God created you with unique gifts to use for this end time harvest of souls.
I will kneel before the Lord and I will answer (you better believe it) for what I have done and so will you. I will not be one of the ones that He spews out of His mouth as vomit.
What about you? Will you burn with passion for the Lord or be wet, soggy junk? The choice is up to you.  Strike the match! Ignite your passion.

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