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"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest one of all? (She laughs) Of course! We know!  It’s me!  They all want me. Who are they anyway?  Of course, they didn’t a few months ago ‘cause I was fat again. I almost weighed 200 pounds!  I was a hunk a hunk of burning love!  I practically had to starve myself to death to get here to look like this, but look at me now. Diet pills! Someone gave me a prescription called "black beauty" once, but it made me feel really funny.  I couldn’t get any more of those, so I had to buy over the counter diet- pills. I was almost able to starve myself to death to look like this. I look good driving around in my red convertible." (She is smiling very big and admiring herself.)

She continues to put on make-up while talking.

More Get Nailed is on the way!

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