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 Fear / Satan 

When I started “my walk” with Jesus I was in a room that I used as a fingernail shop by day and my bedroom at night.  I would tuck my daughter in bed and then I would high tail it down to my room.  I was so excited to pull out my TV tray, open my Bible on it, and just begin to find out what I needed to learn to get my life back on track.  Also, I did not want my daughter going through the hell in this life that I did. 

I didn’t know where to begin so I would just start flipping through the Bible, not to any particular place, to just read.  This one night, I kept coming across the word fear.  So much so that I stopped and looked right up to Heaven and said, “ I keep coming across the word fear.”  I sort of laughed and said, “What! Do you want me to be afraid of you or something?”  The response was as clear as I have ever heard from God,  “I want you to have a healthy enough fear of me, Molly, because it's gonna help keep you in line.”  Well!  That certainly wasn’t the Mr. Fluffy that I had come to know in Sunday school.

So, let’s just examine this word fear.  Should we be afraid of God?  Is He someone
that is going to slam you down if you get out of line?   Is He trying to scare us into Heaven? 

Psalm 111:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom;  A good understanding have all those who do His commandments.  His praise endures forever.

I had such a hard head that I needed to hear those words from the Holy Spirit.  I had what I call “The Wild Stallion Syndrome.”  I looked up to Heaven one night and said, “ I feel like a wild stallion you’re just gonna have to break!”  I recall laughing, but then I could see in my mind’s eye a big, black stallion fighting against the rope I had just been lassoed by.  Then the Spirit said, “I’ve got the rope around you so you’re saved. Depending on how hard you buck against me is gonna be how easy or hard your ride will be with me.”  Well, I never!

So, what exactly does that mean to us as God’s children?  In my life, it meant that there was something about God that I hadn’t been taught as a child.  I really left God when I was a teenager, although I would have argued with you to the death that I knew God, that I loved God.  But I’ll just “do” God later…much later!  Right now, I had to live my life.  So, you see my understanding of Him wasn’t really anything at all.  I just thought He was a sort of Mr. Fluffy. By that, I mean someone who loved me.  He was someone that I would have to, I guess, encounter one day when I died.  I had no idea about Him.  I didn’t know that His wrath was or could be, as fierce as His love was good.  Nobody ever told me that.  I look back and see that the people who seemed Godly who were teaching me really didn’t know either.

Hosea 4:6   My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

The scripture above is probably one of the ones that comes into play a lot in my life, whether it is about God, my health, my finances, my future, etc.  What I don’t know can hurt me.  What you don’t know can hurt you.  I have come to the conclusion, through my experiences, that this life is so much bigger than most of us know or will ever know while we are here.

There are so many people with so many opinions that I just started putting this into practice in my life.  If I would hear a teaching by someone, I would give myself at least three times to hear him or her speak or teach.  If something inside of me felt like I didn’t like it, I would just take a deep breath, try to relax and give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being.  Then, I would go to God, and pray and ASK Him about this or that.  Somehow, in the days following, the answer would be put right in my face.  Not everyone who says “Jesus” is from Heaven.  Sometimes when you haven’t been exposed to much you tend to not want to accept what someone is saying, especially if they are not in your crowd.  For your benefit, be quiet and listen.  You might just learn something you didn’t know that could actually change your life for the better.  Seek the knowledge for your life and family.   

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.    

Fear is one of the biggest tactics of Satan to keep you from God’s best.  Today, when I am feeling any fear, it is a cue to me that I need to go ahead and do what is on my heart even if I don’t want to. (I’m not talking about going downtown at midnight to walk the streets alone!)  Every time I do, there is something good waiting for me on the other side.  Satan will try to cripple you with fear. 

Torment of the mind can be deadly to each one of us.  It is real but there is an answer. Learning about what you don’t know can help burst that bubble or balloon of fear that can and will try to overtake your mind and soul.  Why, at one time, I was so crippled with fear that I couldn’t even drive my car around the block.  I had been tried on 25 different medications just to find something that worked for me.  It was a horrible way to live. 

My life today has completely been transformed.  I am on no medications and I have no fear left.  I truly have been set free.  Satan is real and wants to try and scare you to death.  However, you will have the tools you will need to fight him and they can be found on this website.  From experience, I can tell you that trying your life God’s way will be 10 times better than you could ever dream for yourself.  Let me leave you with this…

Knowing that God is on the throne and that He is in control gives me comfort, not fear.  If I am careful to take everything to Him in prayer, He is always faithful to back me up and get me the answer I need.  Last, but certainly not least, IF I do my part, He will always, and I mean always, do His part.  It might not be the outcome I want but it is always for my benefit.  He loves me not because the Bible tells me so but because I have tangibly experienced it for myself. 

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