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Years ago, I needed some hope.  Have you ever just needed hope?  I had tried everything I knew to be happy.  I had most things that people strive to get their whole lives but something was still wrong.  Something inside of me just wasn't happy.  No matter what I tried to fill it with or who I tried to fill it with, it only brought me moments of feeling happy....moments of hope that life really could be happy, but nothing ever lasted.   

I thought I was smart and I thought that I knew what was going on in this life, but clearly, I didn't.  I was at the end of my rope and I needed help but from whom?  I thought if I just had money again, if I could just use it to fix the things in my life that I thought were wrong, then I would be happy.  At 39 years old, I cried out to the only God I knew (whom I knew little of) and said, "If you are really real, you are going to have to help me cause I don't want to live like this anymore.  I would rather you take me home now than to keep going on like this."  That was fourteen years ago.  I am here to tell you that He is really real so you too, can have hope. 


You might be asking yourself or me right about now, well, who is He? I had two visions of the Lord in 1996-1997.  I really did not understand the impact it would have on me.  I had always believed there was something more as far as a spiritual realm, but I really didn't have any tangible evidence of it, of God.  There were times in my life that I would cry out to Him to help me, not even knowing why, but unless things were fixed "my way," I just figured that He didn't hear me or that He wasn't real.  But I was wrong.

Hope is a funny thing.  You can't touch it or see it but you can feel it, especially when you don't have any.  God is much the same way. You can't touch Him but you can certainly feel the difference in having Him and not having Him.   It is very simple really.  Most of us make it harder than it really is.  But the thing about God is that you have to ask Him into your heart for Him to come in and help you.  He won't make you. 

Luke 11:9  "So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

After I blew the dust off my Bible and opened it, I learned something early on that would guide me forever in Luke 11:9.  As I was reading it one night, the Holy Spirit said, " What are the first three letters of ask, seek, and knock?"  I looked and they added up to ASK!  Well, I can tell you from that moment on, I just knew in my heart that I was going to ask God anything.  It didn't matter what it was; I was just going to do it. What did I possibly have to lose?  You know how it is when you have been deprived of something for so long and now you have something you can sink your teeth in to?  Well, that's how I felt with God.  It gave me hope that as simple as that was, it was what I needed to go a little bit further in life and a little bit longer on my quest for the truth and for happiness for myself.     

I called those times and moments in my life "carrots."  I told the Lord one night, "I just need something to go a little bit further and a little bit harder.  I mean, my gosh, even rabbits need a carrot to go a little bit further!"  So, from then on when I was feeling "out of gas," so to speak, I would just look up to heaven and ask for a carrot!  It would give me just enough hope to go on when I didn't think I could.  I have asked for many carrots over the years.  I have to tell you that I will probably always do that.
I have made a joke out of it for years now.  I can just see God sitting in Heaven with the twelve Apostles saying, "I sure will be glad when Molly gets home.  Just think of all the time I will have to spend on everyone else!"  Everything I have always asked God, He somehow, has gotten the answer to me every single time.
If you feel lost or if you feel hopeless in this life, there is Someone ready and willing to come and give you back your hope.  God is always, and I mean always, willing to listen to you, no matter what the problem is.  It's just an ASK away or a carrot away, whatever the case may be. 

When you have no hope, Someone is there to restore yours if you will just ask.   

God bless you and may you find the hope you need to go a little further...just as I have.

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