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Tuesday, December 30 2008

"If you will just do as I am telling you"


This was written last week but it needed to go up now.


Today is Christmas Eve.  I was sitting and pondering things that were coming on my heart and one of them was my dad.  My dad died almost ten years ago but in some ways, he still has an affect on me.  During the holidays I get very sentimental.  I recall him telling me things and one of the phrases he used was:  “If you will just do what I am telling you.”  Then quite suddenly, as it always does with the Holy Spirit, it hit me to tell others at this time this very same phrase, even though you don’t really understand why…..just do what I tell you on this Website.


I was ministering to someone yesterday evening.  This is someone who really doesn’t frequent church.  As a matter of fact, church has left a bad taste in their mouth.  It is Christians who gave this person a bad feeling.  Nevertheless, I was telling them God promises that “I will go before you and make the crooked places straight” (Isaiah 45:2).  I told him if he would just ask God every morning before starting his day to “make the crooked places straight” then start your day and watch God do what He promises in His word. 


I woke up the next morning and I thought  “if he will just do what I am telling him”, he will see things start to change or smooth out in his life.  Then I thought of my dad when he would tell me that.  It sounded good when I was with him, but when I was not around him and around people who thought a different way(a lot of them defeated in their lives), I would fall into their trap and end up defeated  myself.  How I wished I had listened to my dad.  Sometimes you have to separate from others so you can get what you need for your life.


All of this pondering took me to the fact that God tells us things in His word to do to get the victory in our lives, but most of us pay little or no heed to them.  I can just imagine God sitting in Heaven thinking, “If they would just do what I am telling them.”  The word of God or someone telling us about God seems good while we are in the midst of despair and in the midst of feeling lonely and lowly.  Then a little time will pass, or at least dissipate, and we don’t really want to hear what God says anymore.  When the going gets tough on our flesh, we really don’t want to do what He says any longer. 


This Christmas I was thinking whether there was anything else to get or give anyone.  I had followed what the Holy Spirit told me to do as far as giving and buying, but then the bug hit me.  Was there something else I needed to get for anyone?  I stood in the kitchen and told God that if no one got me anything this year it was okay.  I have received the greatest present in the world:  I finally listened to what God had to say…. finally.  I can be alone and be perfectly content most of the time and that is saying a lot.  The peace I have in my heart about God being God and doing what He says He will do can’t even….. well, you can’t put a price tag on it.  This isn't a big store-bought present with a pretty bow but it is the best gift I was ever given. I was the one who had to do the unwrapping; God wasn't going to make me.


I was so hardheaded in my life that I always knew the answer for any problem was NOT God.  But, then He loved me so much He put me in a place where I had no other choice but to do what He was telling me.  Then the feeling left me about having to buy anything for anyone else.  I wondered how I could wrap up what I had which cost me no money but yet cost me years of following and doing what God was telling me to do.  But, what I have didn’t come all at once and it certainly didn’t come overnight. 


I look back and see that my dad on earth really was wise…was he perfect?  Not by any means but he was trying to talk to a hardheaded girl who had been overtaken by the devil.  Most of the time what he tried to tell me was to no avail.  I was going to do things my way, not his way.  My life happened the way it did so I could turn around and tell you “if you will just do what I am telling you”.  The God I serve is not just a puff of smoke in outer space somewhere; He is real. 


So, as I close this Blog….your life won’t have to be unhappy but it will cost you something to have it.  What I’ve got doesn’t come instantaneously.  It comes “line upon line”, a little at a time as the Holy Spirit sees fit to give or reveal it to you.  YOU have to pick up your cross (your life) and follow HIM.  He is not going to make you and He is not going to spoon-feed you for long.  He gives you more than enough chances to follow Him and do what He is telling you. 


This season is a sentimental season.  Use it to really let your heart be softened to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, however He sees fit to speak to you….and last of all remember..


This year might be a painful one for you.  You might feel cheated out of life, presents, family and love, but if you “will just do as I am telling you” your life will start to change and be so much better than it is today….I promise you.  I have made a vow to you and to God to tell you the truth and believe me, if I haven’t so far, He would have already taken this ministry down.


What you want and what you need is only an ASK away but YOU have to do the asking and YOU have to do the following… “If you will just do what I am telling you.”  








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Sunday, December 21 2008

The Blood Of Christmas


I was thinking this past week about “What If”?  As we approach the Christmas season, I was thinking about “what if”  Jesus hadn’t been willing to come to earth and die for me?  What if He wasn’t willing to be born as a mere human, even though divine, who could bleed like me, hurt like me and be tempted like me? What if He hadn’t been willing to come for me that fateful night in Bethlehem?  Where would I be right now?


It is one of those times in which I ask myself, where would my life be today if He had not made that decision?  So I thought I would jot down a few of the things that came across my heart….


I honestly can tell you that I wouldn’t have stepped out in faith and believed for a  house for my daughter and myself to live in. (We lived there for free.)  I also wouldn’t have known about the prayer of agreement, offerings and standing on faith…


I would never have been delivered from all of the prescriptions drugs I took and from drinking like a fish as I took these drugs in order not to feel anything.  I knew nothing of taking authority over the devil and his hold on my addictive personality and body.


I would have probably been killed by my second husband, preventing me from writing this blog to you at this time in history.


I know that I would have griped my life to death because of my trying to make my life happen by myself.  I would have not known that there was a specific purpose and plan tailor-made by God just for me.  


I would not have known that there were generational curses on my life that tried to overpower me and had much to do with the way I thought and felt inside.


I know I would not have had the love of one special daughter whose whole life has been saved from the grasp of the devil because I chose to just believe in Christ.


So, you see, Christmas means so much more to me than what I see in a store, buy as a present for someone, or bake as a token of my love to others.  Christmas is everything to me as a human being because it was the night that my Savior chose to come here for the one who needed Him the most. 


My prayer this season is that you stop and allow yourself to wonder what would have happened to you if Christ had not come that one fateful night in order to die for you so that you could have the greatest gift imaginable…


God Bless us everyone!

Your faithful servant,




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Friday, December 12 2008


Wake up Call from Jesus


Several weeks ago one of the board members of Jesuswithoutthejunk came to me and said, “You aren’t going to like this but the Holy Spirit gave me this word to give to you.”  Through prayer that morning, I had been told that I was going to receive a word from the Lord that I was not going to like. I wasn’t going to like it because I was going to have to deliver it somehow.  I knew as soon as I got it what I needed to do.  


 This is the word that was given:


“A call from Jesus.  Please tell my people that I am not just a Christmas celebration.  My people need help year round.”


That was the exact word I was given to release through this web site.  Most of us are grown ups and we have trouble.  In December we dress it up with Christmas plays, Christmas cookies, Christmas celebrations, etc.  We love Christmas because it allows us to escape the hurts and pains that we have, some left from our childhood which that have never been addressed.  The Spirit of Christmas is intoxicating, to say the least.  Some of the Christmas carols are my favorite songs, especially  “ O Holy Night.”  It contains a line that says, “Fall on your knees!  Oh, hear the angel voices!”  That always makes me want to fall right down on the floor….before the Lord. 


There was a time in my life that I dreaded Christmas because I didn’t like my life and who I had become.  I would put on a smiley face and try to enjoy all of it, but then it would be over and I would feel let down and depressed through the month of January.  It was the same every year until I met Christ.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I always had lots of good food, presents, etc. I loved to dress up and I would “put on” the happy face for all of the Christmas glitz.  But then the party would be over, Christmas would be over, the decorations would be put up but then what? 


The word given to us all this Christmas season is not to let Christmas just be in December.  Let the Holy Spirit come into your heart and life so you don’t just have the Christmas Spirit once a year but all year.  That way you can walk in a higher, happier way of life all year long with the Holy Spirit.  It is not pretend ; it is real.  It is waiting for you this year.


There is a way in a Manger and it is not a song we sing…stop and get off the merry-go-round…..maybe you need to ‘fall on your knees’.


God bless you and have a merry Christmas from one who finally got to find out what Christmas was all about….




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Friday, December 05 2008

21st Century Sin


Today I want to talk about sin.  I want to talk about 21st century sin.  Sin started in the Garden of Eden and it continues today.  Recently I was written up in the newspaper.  Several people called to tell me how nice they thought the article was.  These are some of the same people who I know have dogged me behind my back. These Christians have failed to notice the scripture that talks about gossiping and backbiting…. (1Timothy 5:13).


So I listened as they applauded my article and I thought nothing else of it.  They proceeded to explain to me how they were now situated in a Bible study.  Several weeks later I discovered that one of the same people who applauded my article talked about me to someone else.  They asked them who in the world I thought I was and wanted to know why I thought I was so religious.  Well, as usual, when I am allowed to see people for who they really are, I was a bit taken back but then thought to myself how sorry I felt for this person.  All I have ever tried to do is help people learn the more of God.


We serve a God who is ever watchful over what we do. Knowing this has helped keep me on the straight and narrow…I have always needed a good healthy dose of fear of the Lord…. always. But what concerns me is how many gossip, backbite, tale bear and just plain ole dog people, all the while getting dressed up to the nines and serving in a local church.  My heart is grieved over this. 


You can dress up, polish, style and comb sin, but sin is sin and it is time for the body of Christ to be separate.  I tell the truth.  The people who know me know I tell the truth.  When it is all said and done, I want to be remembered as a woman of her word instead of a woman of many words, many untruthful words…gossiping words. 


We are being fooled into thinking that we can tale bear and it have no affect on us.  That is NOT God and it is NOT the way to be a winner in this life.  Your words will come back around and boomerang on you….whether you believe it or not. Our words are the most creative force we have available to us.


Sin is sin; it never changes.  Just because we are in the 21st century we think that we don’t have to deal with sin….wrong.  Sin is worse that it ever has been.  God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for a lot less than what we are doing….I learned a long time ago not to talk about others.  It is my goal to help get the truth to you and prod you into searching it out for yourself.  If the same Holy Spirit dwells in people who practice religion that dwells in me, why isn’t He convicting you of the sin of tale bearing?  It is not God and it is not from Heaven. 

God has taught me that being faithful in a little gains you more, but if we are talking about one another behind our backs, you aren’t being true to yourself or the Holy are being deceived.  You have an audience of ONE who is watching everything you say.  The Bible teaches that we will give an account for every idle word we speak(Matthew 12:36).  We think that something so small won’t affect us but we are wrong.  One tiny stone aimed just right killed a giant.  Words created this world. There is a scripture in the Bible that has helped me and might help you.  God is not mocked; whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap…(Galatians 6:7).  Be wise.  Talking about people is not from Heaven.  Whose side are you on?


Proverbs 11:13 A talebearer reveals secrets, but he who is of a faithful spirit conceals matter. 












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