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Saturday, March 28 2009


Gay Marriages and Pro-Choice


Let’s talk about what it means to be a Christian. There seems to be a lot of different beliefs going around in the day in which we live about what it means to be a Christian (A Follower of Christ) and we really need to “get on the same page,” so to speak.  We need to get a handle on this once and for all.  One major thing I have learned in my own walk with Christ is that unfortunately, you cannot make the truth palatable.  The truth is the truth all the time; it never changes.  So let’s get to it.  


 I happened to tune in to a popular nighttime show this past week and heard some things that were very disturbing.  It isn’t because I am trying to be judgmental at all.  If you knew me, you would know that I stand up for truth, justice and righteousness to the point, some would say, to my detriment.  We wonder why God is allowing chaos in this country.  His children for the most part have no idea what He says about life…. so He is trying to get their attention.  With that in mind, I am going to address a couple of major items so we can KNOW what God says about them.


The person being interviewed was a young adult in her late teens to early twenties.  She stated she was raised in a Christian home.  A little into the interview she stated she believed in gay marriage and was Pro-choice (for abortion), believing a person’s body was their own.  She was not judgmental whatsoever and seemed like a very nice person.  She seemed very intelligent, as a matter of fact.  Now when I heard what she said it really kind of just washed over me but then a few moments passed and it started, as it always does when the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me something, bothering me.  I got this craw in my gut that was going to have to be addressed in some fashion.  It was like a scratch that I was going to have to itch.


First, I would like to address the issue of Pro-choice.  Now I can tell you that the Bible teaches it is a Commandment not to commit murder.  Years ago, as I was beginning my walk with the Lord, I was cut to the heart when I discovered that by my having had five abortions, I had murdered my own children.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me and clearly stated, “Molly, when do you think I put the soul in a person, after they come out of the womb?” Prior to hearing this, I hadn’t even thought about a person’s soul and when they become a human being.  This revelation caused me more pain than was almost bearable.  I had murdered my own children.  You can slice, bake and shake it any way you want, but this is a big deal for us to be so ignorant about.  What are we doing?


Second, let’s address the issue of gay marriage.  I have a family member who is gay and I can tell you that unless this individual repents of his sin, he will go to Hell when he dies.  Am I being too hard?  NO.  I love this person with all of my heart.  The truth still stands.  You cannot deny what is in the Word of God. The Bible is clear, crystal as a matter of fact, that God made a man and a woman.  The joke that has gone around for years is that God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve but this is no laughing matter.  Please go to the book of Romans in the Bible and read Romans 1:27-32. 


These two statements alone told me that even though this person was raised in a Christian home, that someone didn’t know their Father in Heaven.  God is clear on matters and there is no doubt about what He says.  This ministry has been called at this time to address the truths of the Bible to people who might have been misled or have no idea that they even exist.  People are in the dark and someone needs to shine some light on these critical issues. 


We are in great turbulent times and I can tell you that most people, even though they say they believe in God and are Christians, have no clue about what is actually in the Word of God.  My heart grieves for this situation and as the Holy Spirit leads me, I will bring to light what is in the dark so at least every one that the Holy Spirit draws to this ministry will get “the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” so help me God.  


Letting people just believe what they want and how they want is detrimental to the person and this tells me that someone has not gotten the truth out about what is clearly stated in the Bible.  Someone needs to stand up without fear of losing a congregation member and say the truth and be the truth so we can have the favor of God on our lives.  We wonder why bad things are happening to us?  We are sheep who need a shepherd to LEAD us.  We are lost and we don’t even know it.  


With all of this said, you cannot make the Bible say what you want it to say and expect to gain the victory in your life while you are here on earth.  God is not some puff of smoke that may or may not exist.  He is real and Heaven and Hell are real.  There are rules that need to be followed and they are clearly stated in the Bible.  Does it mean that God doesn’t love people who commit sin? No.  If that were the case, I would have already been sent to Hell.  He loves us enough to get us the truth so we can repent and be healed and saved. It is up to us what we do with it.  Search it out for yourselves.  When you kneel before the Lord and He asks you why you didn’t heed what Molly was telling you, from this moment forward, you can never say that you weren’t told the real truth and there will be no excuses.


Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness.


My question to you today is can you accept the truth of the Gospel?  

These things need to be said.  The Cross is the Cross no matter what and the truth is the truth……no matter what.


Until next time.


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Thursday, March 19 2009

The Kingdom of Heaven


There is a disconnect from the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.  God has called this ministry to reestablish this connection.  In your mind’s eye, think of a ladder descending from Heaven to earth.  All you have to do to receive answers for your life is to climb this ladder rung by rung. On this climb, you discover there are rungs missing and you can only get so far.  You have to climb this ladder in order to achieve the desires of your heart from the Kingdom of Heaven, but you need someone to come and reconnect those rungs…. Jesuswithoutthejunk is trying to accomplish this for you. 


When I first started my Crosswalk, I would be awakened at 2 or 3 in the morning and go sit before God.  I didn’t know if He was listening to me but I behaved as though He was.  I would go dump everything that was on my heart on Him.  Afterward, I would feel relieved.  Then somehow the time I spent with Him was redeemed for me.  I would crawl right back in bed for a couple of hours (maybe) and then get up and start my day as if getting a full night’s rest.  (Believe me, sleep to me at that time was the most important thing in my life, so for me to sacrifice this time was a big deal.)  I would leave His presence feeling momentarily better like I did when I would go to the Psychiatrist once a week for years.  I recall coming home from those meetings and things would seem fine for a little span of time, but then they would go right back to the way they really were….deep, dark and depressing.  I was not being given the proper learning tools in which to conquer whatever (and it was a lot) was keeping me bound in my own hell.  I spent enormous amounts of time with the Father.  The more time I spent with Him, the more I got delivered.


People say they are reading the Word of God, they say they love God, they tell others they are good people.  But they are so defeated in their lives, whether it is in their marriages, their children or within themselves.  I am left to wonder where in their lives is the power? Where are the answers that Christ has shown me?  Finding out for myself that God listened and answered prayers kept me on a quest for more and more truth.  The more I was shown this supernatural healing power, the more I sat at my Father’s feet.  I really started to love a God I had only heard of in Sunday school.  Once I discovered how much I was being healed, I knew I had to still live on earth and learn to function in a Kingdom life that I didn’t know much about.  Knowing I wasn’t well taught at the time, I use to carry a Bible with me everywhere I went. I looked back and see that this helped keep me in line until I had the time to get back in the Word to learn more about God and His Kingdom ways.  It didn’t all come at once.  It came little by little.   All it would take would be one glance at that Bible I carried with me, and I would keep my mouth shut in a tense situation.  I would go the extra mile for others and it literally helped me get through each and every day in victory.  My suggestion to you?  Start carrying a Bible with you if you feel you are weak.  If you aren’t allowed to carry a Bible to work, put it in your car on the passenger seat or you can keep a tiny one in your purse and pull it out when you feel like you are slipping.  You might be looking in your purse 100 times a day at first, but so what?   You have to learn that there is a Kingdom available to you 24/7 but YOU have to want it and you have to learn to walk in it everyday not just on Sunday.  Just because you can’t see the Kingdom doesn’t mean that it’s not there.  You can’t touch hope but when you don’t have any, you know it don’t you?  


The Bible teaches to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he won’t depart.  Thank God I went to Sunday school and sat in church but it is not enough to gain the victory in your everyday life.  My life was preordained to be the way it was.  I “walked through” the hell to get the tangible experience for you.  Now all you have to do is listen and receive it. 


The Bible says to train your child in the ways of the Lord.  This does not mean that they are to be dropped off at youth group to play games and sing songs.  I will never forget the time I let my daughter go to youth group with a friend and I asked her if she wanted to join the church and youth group.  She said, “ Mom, believe me, you don’t want me going there.”  Knowing my daughter the way I do, I knew she was telling me the truth but I really didn’t fully understand it at the time because I was lacking.  Doesn’t every cross on a building indicate Jesus lives there?  All is not well with every Body of believers who say Jesus.  Many have no idea of the delivering, healing power through the anointing of Christ…Kingdom life.


A lot of adults seem to be good people but they are not putting into practice the things of God.  Either they have not been taught about them or they don’t believe they exist.  For example, one of the basic things in the Word of God is not to gossip.  When I have a Christian try to talk about other people to me, I stop them.  That is just one little example, but if you are not faithful in the little, God is not going to give or reveal to you more.  God is watching and Kingdom life is too precious for me to give up by talking about others.  There are people who claim to be Christians, yet are bigoted and think it is okay to gossip…it is not okay in God’s eyes.  We are so use to taking other people’s word for what is in the Word because we either think we don’t have the time or we are too lazy to get in there and find out for ourselves what is in there.  This is YOUR life that is at stake not your Pastors or your neighbors.


We are not taking what is in the Word and then trying to put what we are learning into practice in our everyday lives.  WE say and tell others how good we are and then we cry out for help because our home, families and finances are falling apart.  WE suffer.  WE are going to conferences spending money to learn, then we leave and things go right back the way they were.  There is a disconnect.  You have to have the tools in which to fight.  We are in a fight and Satan has no regard for human life.  The sooner we grasp this the better it is going to be for us.  This is a clarion call to everyone.  The Bible teaches that The Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force.  Most of us do not realize or don’t want to admit that we are fighting an adversary.  We have no clue about him or his wiley ways.  It is time for us to rise up and take what is rightfully ours by inheritance.


We go to church and serve the church and sing and holler, we clean and sell, but we don’t know how to worship the true, living God.  We don’t know a lot about God and His ways, much less the Kingdom life that is ours for the asking.  Didn’t Jesus say that between Mary and Martha, Mary had picked the better way? (Molly’s explanation) Learn about Kingdom life. (Luke 10:38-42)


I had someone tell me that I was not going to lay my hands on anyone and exorcise their child.  Well, a lot of children I have been around need to have that done.  You need to learn how to fast, pray, and make offerings to the Lord.  You need to learn that there are generational curses.  You need to learn that these sometimes need to be broken off you and your children. This is a Kingdom principle. 


When people call me or cry out to me sobbing because their lives are not good, they are the ones who are going to have to do something.  I can only do what the Lord releases me to do.  We want quick answers, quick fixes and instantaneous results so we can go back to our lives….but that is not always God and Kingdom life.


God wants to give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven but I can tell you that these keys are golden and not everyone will attain them, either because of disbelief or their lack of wanting to get them.  It will cost you something to have Kingdom of Heaven life.  Are you willing to go after it?  Are you willing to pay the price?  The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and it is not impossible to get to, but you are going to have to be the one to go there….one rung at a time.  The Holy Spirit will guide you when you come to a missing rung if you ask Him.  Jesuswithoutthejunk has come at this time to help you place those rungs that are missing, but you will have to be the one to step up….. 


God bless you,



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Thursday, March 05 2009


Today is March 12,2009.  As I was preparing to update the blog for the site, the Holy Spirit told me to leave this up another week.  Then He said, "Everything has to be done in order and that is where people are getting off kilter."  So with that being said, here is the "Order" blog for one more go around.  God bless you and have a great week.




When I go out to a restaurant any more, I am happy to just be there.  I am not fussy about too many things, yet my daughter likes what she likes the way she likes it.  She orders exactly what she wants.  It is kind of a joke in the family about how particular she is.  I admire her because she knows what she wants and 98% of the time she gets it.  She is not a selfish or spoiled person.  She is kind, loving and giving.  But, she just knows exactly what she wants when we go out.  She orders it her way.


I see people “out of joint,” so to speak, in the body of Christ today.  The living Christ, as I have come to know Him, is a God of order.  He is not a God who is going to just let you do whatever you want and get by with a lot of things.  You cannot just name and claim anything you want from the Big Chef in the sky.  He wants something more lasting for you than that.  He requires your obedience and He requires your devotion if you are going to walk with Him.  He is a God who means what He says and says what He means.  He is a God of order, not a short-order cook who is ready to send down your request at your whims.  This has nothing to do with calling those things that are not as though they are….don’t get confused.


He is a God of love and He requires an account of sin.  He is a God of order.  You can always count on Him being the same.  I have known Him as a Father who loves me dearly and as a Father who chastises me when I get out of order.  He requires from me an account of my past, my present and my future.  He never changes on me so I can “take Him to the bank,” so to speak.  I used that particular phrase since the world is so concerned about money and since I have been a branch manager.


When we fully, and I mean fully, come to Christ and want to do life His way, He requires that we run this race of ours His way.  A family and home need to be in as much order as possible.  When a home contains a husband and wife, for example, the man is the one who needs to wear the pants….not the woman.  Most women I am around want to be able to respect their husbands but sadly enough, this is not happening.  This is because there are almost two men in the house which causes everything to be out of order.  Pray to God and ask Him to help you put it in order…..He will.


When God says in the word we are not to judge others, it means we are not supposed to be talking about anyone or He will judge us.  He tells us that with the measure we use for others, that too is the way it is going to be measured back to us.  God is a God of order and kindness for the good of everyone.  Jesus wouldn’t stand around gossiping and backbiting.  We are to follow His example and not talk about others, not even family members.  If we do, we are out of order!  We need to start at the beginning.  Let the Holy Sprit be our guide.  He will help you with anything that you want and help direct you in the things that you need if you will ask Him.  In this way, you can ask for what you want and then wait for the answer to come from Heaven.  But it is going to come in order.  You just can’t claim what you want, as in a restaurant, and expect God to just let you always have it.  People don’t talk a lot about the Holy Spirit and that needs to come to an end.  It is a new day and the traditions of man are over.  We need to start serving God instead of man and instead of our flesh.  We need to start asking God what He would have us do instead of telling God what we want. 


God is a good God but He is God.  He waits and waits for us until we are finally the ones who just get sick and tired of our lives and then turn to Him for help.  He requires devotion.  He can require anything He wants because He is God and He is a God of order.


God tells us that if we delight ourselves in Him, He will give us the desires of our heart, but the catch is we have to do the delighting.  It is the only way you are going to get exactly what you want.  Believe me, if there had been any other way to go, I would have found it.  I see clearly now that Satan didn’t want me to find this.  Is he stopping you as well?


Naming and claiming things is fine if it is the Father’s will that you have them. Believe me, He knows and wants you to have what you want, but you have to let Him be the Chef.  We have authority as a believer but it isn’t so we can sit back, get fat and do whatever we want.  If you think this way, it is not from Heaven.  We serve and need to serve God.  He is a God of order, not a short-order cook. 



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