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Thursday, June 27 2013

By Katie Altobellis

One of the first things I can remember developing an affinity for when I was young was music.  Like nothing else, it has always affected my spirit deeply.  But one particular genre I have never been able to stomach is rap.  It’s angry, degrading lyrically and downright vulgar.  The “artists” do not seem to care who they offend either.  Its appeal to the masses thoroughly escapes my thought processes because I just cannot put reason or value behind it.  I believe that if one is gifted in any way and given a platform in which to display those gifts, then they are obligated to use those gifts and talents to influence the masses in positive ways.

Kanye West is a rapper and to hear him talk, has always incorporated faith in his music… to the point of comparing himself to Christ.

In 2006, he appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone with his face bloodied, wearing crown of thorns.  The title of the RS article was “The Passion of Kayne West.”  In a 2009 interview, he stated he did not “feel the responsibility of putting his life on Jesus,” and that he needed to be the one solely responsible for his own life’s successes and failures.”  

His latest album, titled “Yeezus,” contains a track called “I Am a God.”  In the song, West includes lyrics where Jesus is asking him, “What up, Yeezus?”  West’s answer to Jesus is something vulgar and that he’s just “trying to stack these millions.”

When I read his album described as “a solid piece,” and a “fascinating record,” chill bumps went up and down my arms.  I am shocked and stunned by those who claim Christian roots and then claim to the world, “He’s the most high but I am a close high.”

He has a platform but so do I and I am here to remind Mr. West that Christ himself said, “And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

Do have mercy on others but be wise whom you listen to.

Have a happy and safe July 4th everyone!

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Friday, June 14 2013

This word is new to me, not aesthetically pleasing to hear pronounced and means falsely ascribed religious texts. 

I came across two recent stories that raised an eyebrow and thought I would share.  I read articles written by a Professor of Religious Studies who argues that the Bible is “full of lies” and another by a prolific author of religious life and “biblical scholar” who claims the Bible is part truth, part fiction.  At first, I thought their stances were paradoxical, considering how they make a living. 

The first man states that many scholars engaged in teaching the New Testament hold the view that it is full of forgeries because some books were written by someone other than the true author.  He further alleges that the reason some forged writings was to make a name for themselves and would then piggyback off that notoriety in order to sell the actual books they wrote.  This professor states that he has written a book to back up his claims and if folks want to know what they are, they will just have to read his book for further explanation.  Who’s trying to sell books now?

I understand the real reason he has chosen to criticize true authorship and call the Bible “full of lies” and that is because he does not believe God exists. 

The next fellow says that sometimes, “believing the Bible means believing that a story did not happen.”  He states that some stories in the Word happened and some did not.  How can someone write and lecture about religion and not believe every single word in the Bible is true? 

Some may think reasons presented by them for what they say are not worth protests.  However, when you have prestigious, influential people speaking, others listen and it takes but the tiniest seed of doubt planted in the heart…  the consequences of what they say could cause the unwitting to stumble. 

Stay alert and help those who may have stumbled get back up; their eternity may be resting on that help.

Katie Altobellis




June 20, 2013 Class 6:30-7:30—Time Management, Prayer and You.  Call (910) 228-5282 for directions.




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