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Friday, May 23 2014

The other day, as I was speaking to someone on the phone, what started pouring from my mouth was this:  “Speak life, speak the Word!” You see, in the Kingdom of God angels hearken to God’s Word not just any ‘ole word or begging or sobbing and asking God for this or that.  God promises his Word does not return unto him void (Is. 55:11).

What in the world do you mean by all of that, Molly?  I hardly have time to get up and get to work in the morning.  How is it I am supposed to take the time to pray scripture that I really don’t even understand?

I have been trying to teach others what the Holy Spirit has taught me in a ‘simple and clear’ way for the last eight years.  I have seen and witnessed many tangible character and personality changes and “yes” what many would deem miracles of healing: spiritually and physically.  And yet, in all of that I still see and hear defeat in so many of God’s children.  It makes me question myself and the knowledge I have been given.  But, then I realized that I cannot get up early with someone and make them pray.  I cannot be with everyone throughout the day and hold their hands when a crisis arises to guide them by praying scripture.

I have used scripture for years now every morning in prayer.  When I first was saved, I memorized scriptures by the boat loads and prayed them every morning to God…the only one who can help me.  I got up at 5:30 (am) just to get a handle on the day before me and make certain God “would go before me to make the crooked places straight” (Is. 40:4).  It was hard and it took effort.  It took time away from those who meant most to me, but I KNEW in my heart IF I could get “it” deposited into the soil of my heart then it would somehow help them.  I missed functions (Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.) or I would show-up and leave early to go home and either help myself by resting or studying or just sitting and talking to God—out loud.  I realized if I were to gain the victory in this earth I was truly and really going to have to place HIM first in my heart.  And that was tough.  But, I looked around me at my circumstances  (and the circumstances of others)and knew if I didn’t make a change then who was going to?  God was not just going to zap everything in my life and give me what I wanted without some effort on this side of heaven.

If any of this sounds like you or you can relate then know that the Father is waiting on YOU.  He has all of eternity.  We don’t; at least not on earth.  IT is now or never.  Is your life still messy if you profess Christ as Savior?  Is your life truly “Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done?”     Or is it—My Kingdom come, my will be done?  Oh, and God, will you please bless that?    

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Thursday, May 15 2014

Yesterday I picked my grandson up from pre-school or as he so fondly calls it— Preachery School due to the fact it is in a church building!  As we were driving down the road he asked me, “Why do you always have to look so beautiful when you pick me up from school?”  First, I thought, ‘I look beautiful to him?’   But, then it hit me— the Holy Spirit has been working overtime it seems (on me!) trying to help me understand that I need to represent Jesus well.  In other words, if I go around slopping around looking grungy, in sweats, hair in disarray, and then the biggest of them all no make-up, then to others (and I never know who might be looking) it makes Jesus appear slovenly.  In other words, I don’t represent him well.

            All of a sudden I pictured in my “mind’s eye” Jesus lying around looking unkept and sloppy.  Then, saying to us as we would pray to him to help fix our lives, “Yeah, what do want?”  “Huh?”  “Whatever!”   “I am just too tired to answer your prayers right now.”  And right off the bat I knew that if I really wanted to represent God well that I needed to care about my appearance.  If we are Christians then we are the ones who can be Jesus to others.  Yes, there are times that (when I am alone) I bum around the apartment in more comfortable clothing, but it really isn’t a lot anymore.  And, I try to eat my food just as if I was out in public where many could be giving me “the hairy eyeball.”  

            By making the effort (to at least appear groomed) I have started to care more about everything…I have become more congruent.  And just on the down side; I feel better about myself for at least trying to be better in areas that are hidden from others.  I have always heard, “It is what you do when no one is watching that can determine how much God uses you when everyone is watching.”  And quite frankly, he sees it all anyway!

            Years ago, I worked with a hairdresser and she happened to be taking her lunch when a co-worker came in to announce that her next client was waiting.  She replied, “Give me time to freshen my lipstick.” I looked at her kind of quizzically but thought, ‘Yes, I know what you mean.’   When I feel that I at least look the best that I can then I do everything better.  The old adage—if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good you do good holds true.

            My question to you is this:  What is the mirror saying to you about you?


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