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In 2006, I began a ministry out of my studio apartment.  I was told to charge $1 to those who wanted to give. Attendees have come and gone, but the growth of the ministry has been at the Lord's pace and under His direction.  A little over a year later, a $10,000 dollar offering was given and shortly thereafter, a teaching website was launched named Jesus WithoutThe Junk reaching God's children in global proportions.

As weekly meetings continued, I was directed to write a satirical play, Get Nailed.  Over the years, I had written poems and even a TV sitcom (which was not used!), but this was my first huge undertaking in this genre.  It was brought to the stage to benefit the underprivileged at Christmas.

Due to further obedience, in 2010, a $100,000 dollar offering was received, confirming God's call on my life and this ministry to reach the nations with the truth of Jesus Christ in a "simple and clear" way.  Jesus Without The Junk does more than "talk the talk." It has been not only the mouth but the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.  As of the end of 2013, over $22,000. 00 has been given (to the needy) showing the tangible love of Christ.

The Stained Glass Window was published giving the ministry another outlet to show the tangible effects of obedience to Christ.  In addition to running the ministry fulltime, I enrolled in college, at Liberty University (the summer of 2011), to undergird the ministry ensuring it was sound theologically.

I spoke to two different ministers just this past week-"Did you think ministry work would be easy?"  No, it is not easy.  However, I know that this is the call that the Lord has placed upon my life, and I accept whatever He wants me to do willingly.  I understand very well that the "Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few" and I will not quit doing His bidding until He calls me home.

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