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 Molly's Biography 

In 2006, I began a ministry out of my studio apartment. The Holy Spirit spoke to me in the shower one evening and said, "I want you to teach my children what I have taught you in a simple and clear way. Meet once a week on Thursdays at 7 pm. Charge $1 to those who will attend."

Many have come and gone, and the growth of the ministry has been at the Lord's pace solely under His guidance.  A year later (2007), a $10,000 dollar offering was sown into the ministry. Shortly thereafter, a teaching website coupled with a 501 © 3 status was initiated. Jesus Without the was birthed. Due to continued obedience coupled with much warfare, in 2010, a $100,000 dollar offering was received, confirming God's call to teach in a "simple and clear" way.  At the close of 2018, over $75,000.00 was given to help “feed the need” for single mothers/dads in Carolina Beach and beyond. The Stained Glass Window, my autobiography, was self-published in 2010 giving the ministry another outlet in order to try to reach out to those who might be ashamed of their lives and what they perceive as an unforgivable sin. 

Prompted by the Holy Spirit I enrolled in college at the age of fifty-four (summer of 2011), to further undergird our outreach effort. I hold a two-year degree in Biblical Studies from Willmington School of the Bible at Liberty University and a BS in Religion (May 2021) from Liberty University in Religion. I was ordained as a Reverend through First Baptist Church of Carolina Beach in 2014 into Gospel Ministry by a panel of eleven individuals.

My life has been saved to glorify our Lord and King and to point the way to His salvation. 

Podcasts began in the Spring of 2019, Jesus Without the Junk, addressing topics such as:

Overcoming Agoraphobia, Shock Treatments, Guilt of Abortions, and much more.

YouTube teachings are now available: Molly Painter


Molly Painter Ministries  P.O. Box 16491
Wilmington, NC 28408

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