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 The Mystery 

We are in odd times right now.  People are dying right and left, being kidnapped, raped, strangled, and murdered.  Horrible crimes are happening more than they ever have.  The weather is shifting and doing things it never did in places we never thought.  Marvin Gaye had a record in the seventies called “What’s Going On.”  There are all sorts of books and tools being published and manufactured that will tell you just about anything you want to hear…that will tickle your ears and drain your pocketbook, telling you this is the answer you need, that we all need. 

The most popular items right now tell you that if you just think a good way and speak good things, you will live the life of a King.  You can have whatever you want just by thinking and then speaking it into existence.  Well, there is a little bit more to actually transforming a life than thinking good thoughts and speaking good words.

We, as human beings, are searching for answers, but THE answer is easier than we have made it.  We strive against the wind instead of going with the wind.  We are our own worst enemies and don’t even realize it.  We want things to be better.  We want things to go back to being like The Brady Bunch, but for most of us, it just isn’t going to happen unless WE make a change and I am talking about a permanent change.   

We are made up of three parts: a body, soul and spirit.  That spirit inside is searching for something.  It is easily drawn to things that sound good because it knows there is more and it is trying to get to it.  We accomplish having momentary times of happiness but not true, solid lasting comfort and rest within our families, our careers, and ourselves-you know, working 9 to 5 just to make a living!  But, there is more, I assure you.  I have spent the last eleven years day in and day out trying to find true peace, joy, happiness and a sense of being settled in my heart and mind, really trying to find success upon this earth for my daughter and myself.

In order to find the true mystery, the true happiness that can actually bring tangible transformation in your life, health and wealth, you have to be transformed.  You have to start at the beginning.  You have to start to stop your old ways and start new ways, but that takes more than good thoughts, good words and being a good person.  It will take effort on your part.

Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

People are searching for answers.  If they don’t have someone leading them, they will follow just about anything that sounds good, that sounds like it will help them.  I have witnessed this firsthand. They leave one good thing to go get the newest, good thing, hoping and maybe thinking it will bring “rest” within them.  However, what they find is that they leave one fad for another but find no changes within themselves, their children or their happiness.  It is a cycle they get on and can’t seem to get off until it’s too late.  The answer has been right under our noses all along.  But, it is so easy that not everyone will find it, not everyone will partake of it in this life.  Many won’t accept it but for those who do, it will transform their lives.  

John 1:14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. 

The greatest mystery of all…THE SECRET is Christ in you.  He is all you need.  The greatest mystery is that the true ONE WORD came from Heaven sent by God to be born of a virgin.  If you accept Him as your Savior, He will come in and dwell in you.  All you have to do is ASK.

He came for you.  He came here to buy us a ticket back home to where we have come from and that place is Heaven.  He came here to give you the authority you need over Satan in this earth so you can have the victory here and now in your home, your finances, your jobs, for your total life.  The true secret is that you have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of you that will teach you what to do every step of the way throughout the rest of your natural life while you are here on this earth.      

That’s it.  He is the Secret, the Mystery.  He is the answer.

Let me leave you with this one thought to meditate on:  If your life is unhappy and unbearable, just give Jesus a try.  If you have spent tons of money or have tons of money and still aren’t happy, if your marriage is loveless, your children are lost, your finances are in a mess, then give Jesus a try.  What could it hurt?  The answer is free, so simple a child could get it, and so simple that the wise can hardly believe it.  Let Him SAVE-YOUR whatever you need.

How difficult the Son can be when you have sat in darkness all of your life.    

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