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Monday, December 28 2009

This week’s blog, if I am not careful, will turn people from this ministry and me, but I know what the Lord is saying to me and I am known for “calling a spade a spade.”  Over and again for years, I have heard bigotry coming from the mouths of people who claim to be Christians…the very followers of our Lord. 


I have a question to pose to all the people of the earth today.  Whatever in the world makes you think that needy children and adults are any different from those who have jobs, homes, and money?  Why would you think that needy children deserve or desire second best?  What makes you think God would not want them to have the very things that others desire and have?  Why do some Christians hold their hands clasped so tight when it comes to helping needy people?  Why do they want to give them “sloppy seconds?”


Jesuswithoutthejunk  just did the largest outreach, in terms of material goods, we have ever done….so far.  The help that has come forth this year to accomplish God’s will in the lives of the less fortunate has been truly amazing.  I am overwhelmed at the generosity of some.  However, on the other side of “the some,” I witness jealousy, backbiting and bigotry over the items that were purchased by our outreach to help six needy children, one mother without a job and another family who needed help with food items.  I was brought to tears and anger, moaning so deep within me over the griping of individuals that I wasn’t certain I would be able to stop…and then I knew the tears were coming from heaven.


The Lord, through different tangible circumstances, has allowed me an up close and personal view into people's true feelings who camouflage themselves as so-called Christians, but have such bigotry and hatred in their hearts.  Then He lets me see others, who are not regular churchgoers, hold out their hands unselfishly when a situation of need is placed before them. 


I was reading in Corinthians this past week about such people who, really by they own ignorance, don’t even realize that they truly are being the hands of Jesus, yet I have seen and heard firsthand that “churched” folks would be offended by those kinds of individuals….the very ones who have reached out to help those in need mainly due to their personal appearance.


I am appalled at the hate in people who say they call upon the name of the Lord Jesus.  I am sickened in my heart and had to talk to God about everything that had transpired this week just so I could calm down and get His divine wisdom on what I was feeling about others.  The Holy Spirit responded by saying, “remember Lot?”  Then it hit me that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because He couldn’t find 10 righteous people in the city…are you 1 of 10 or will you be numbered with the ones God destroyed? Of course, He couldn't even find 10.


I have been doing mission outreaches for seven years now and through experience, the Holy Spirit has taught me:  Always buy name brand items because those in need get enough “hand me downs.”  Don’t buy anything for anyone YOU wouldn’t buy for your own self.  Always consider what you want and “do that unto others.” And above all, give what I tell you to give. 


Then a new revelation came to my heart that just ONE new item wanted and received by a child could give him the confidence to go a little further and a little longer, knowing in his heart he was just like every other child he encounters.  One kind act of kindness could turn a child or adult’s life around for the common good making a difference in how they perceive their life. 


This blog is being written for repentance of the heart to come forth for the way we see the less fortunate, thinking of ourselves as being better or more than we are.  For those of us who have been blessed (am I am one of the first to stand up and say, “I have been blessed”), we need to take what we are given by God and turn around and do with it what the Holy Spirit tells us.  God is watching and judgment is raining down on us from heaven.  Why do we think bad things happen to so-called “good” people?  


Peace on earth?  Well, I know you don’t want to hear this but as long as Satan is here we aren’t going to have any “Peace on Earth.” 


And Goodwill towards men? Well, I do believe we are starting to rise up and help our fellow man but, there are still those who are all about “ME.” 


But, let me close by saying this:  Jesus tells us in the word that if you have helped the least of these you have done it unto Him. 


I leave you with the question?  Do you want to do something unto the Lord? 



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Tuesday, December 22 2009

Christmas 2009



I want to share a couple of observations and then ask a question.


First, as I walk around listening to others talk I hear such negative things coming out of their mouths that it brings me to tears. 


Second, I know that there are some who believe in a virgin Christmas baby.  They buy presents galore to celebrate the holiday, but then don’t seem to believe in a Christmas Savior who was born to grow up, bringing the healing, delivering power of our God….WHY?


I have tangibly seen the providing power of Jesus Christ, yet my heart is truly grieved this year, as I see people I have known who never seem to find the same resurrection power that God has shown to me.


I wanted to be healed, settled in my life, have stability in all areas of my life and I am left wondering, do you want these same things?  Clearly, the things that I have been able to attain are not just desired by me.  I have truly sought after a better way of life; the life God ordained for me from the beginning of time.  Surely, others want these things for their life as well.  My heart sinks as I see people in the same messes they were in years ago and I am left to wonder what in the world is going on.


As I reach out this year to others with the hands of our Savior, I thank God He loved me enough to draw me to Him and give me the understanding that He is so much more than a baby in a manger.  He is so much more than any chaotic situation you have going on in your life and He is the ONLY one who can help you.  If you have money or health issues, or lack in any area of your life, He is the source of your help for any issues or problems facing you… you know of Him in this way? 


This year, if I had only one thing I could tell to others, it would be this:   kneel at the Cross and tell God everything that you are going through.  Stay there until you get it all out, even if it takes everything out of you.  Stay there through your tears and sobbing.  Stay there and explain to Him what you are thinking.  Stay there until there is nothing left on your heart and then get up, shut up and listen for the Lord.  If you will go to Him with an honest, pure heart and motive, there is nothing He won’t do for you.  Pour yourself out to the only one who can give you it all.


Get Him out of that manger and off that Cross.  See Him in your mind as seated at the right hand of the Father, interceding for you.  Listen to the voice of experience.  If you want help, this will be the only thing that will change what is going on in your life.  



Jesus came to all of us, not just Molly Painter.   

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Friday, December 11 2009

I believe that all would agree there are times in everyone’s life when they feel the pressures of life try to overtake them.  This seems to be more evident now because of what is presently going on in our economy and most could use some much-needed relief.  Whether these difficulties are in our personal finances, careers, or relationships, we are left wondering where will it all end and you may be crying out, “Someone please deliver me!”


Some people feel they can solve whatever is causing struggles in their life by going to bed and pulling the covers up over their heads.  Others just know that all their problems would be solved if they fell into a pile of money.  Yes, then they would want for nothing else in their life and every problem they have, whether financial or not, would either be easier or just go completely away…if only.


I am here to tell you that when you think that way, recognize this as a sign that you are being deceived and in your heart you are making money your “god.”  Others think that if God would just deliver them out of whatever mess they are in (quickly), everything else in all other areas of their lives would be okay.


I want to testify to you today that if you are “under the gun” in any area of your life, then your ONLY answer will be found at the Cross and you will have to “walk through” what you are facing in order to get clear of these barriers.  Most of the time God will not swoop down and deliver you out of something, but He will place the answer in front of you.  He will expect you, if you are trying to seek Him out, to confront your issues.


You might very well call me a Bible thumper, always preaching that God is the only way but if you only knew me you wouldn’t say that.  I am able to make this declaration (that He is the only answer) because I am someone who has walked through the tunnel of the darkness of life in most every area that a human could experience coming out on the other side.  Jesus is the only answer to your woes, no matter how dark or deep they seem to you at this moment.  When you are in the midst of your worst times, you do not want Jesus “shoved” down your throat and I am fully aware of that but you need to come to terms that if your life is in the toilet then He is the only answer.


However, know that if you feel God ISN’T the answer it is a sure sign that Satan is trying to stop you from getting what you need.


Many feel that accepting Christ as their Savior will not help their situation.  Many are suffering right now and wonder how someone they cannot see can possibly help with tangible life problems.  I am here to declare to you that I do not care what you want or think, you need Jesus.  He is the ONLY one who can get what you need to you in the way He sees fit, and He does it in a tangible way.


Do not throw the towel in on your relationships (whether it is marriage, dating or children) unless you have had divine wisdom from God as to why it has gone astray.  Perhaps it is YOU who are the problem.  Learn not to quit so easily at everything.  Quitting and running are not from God.  When you feel like drawing the covers up and burying your head under them, know that this is not from heaven either.  Get up and face what you are dealing with, even if you must go through extreme pain to get on the other side of the situation.


The race of YOUR life has been established by heaven, by God, but most don’t believe He is big enough to really help in our everyday lives.  YOU definitively have to make the choice to want to have something better than you have at this exact moment in time.  IF you are willing to make a choice for Christ, then I assure you He is willing to come and help you in ways you cannot imagine.  It is time to face the music and if you are feeling pressure, then the ONLY place to run to is the Cross.


When financial worries hit people, the last thing they want to hear is that they need to tithe and give offerings to God, but I attest to you that it is the ONLY thing that will open the windows of heaven over your life so God can get His divine will to you.  Money is a sore subject with most people right now and that is just what Satan wants it to be.  It becomes a stronghold for people and the thought of giving to God irritates them.  You think that it is the silliest thing you have ever heard of.  I am and have been a tither since 1996 and wouldn’t stop if my life depended on it.  I have heard people say over and again, “I can’t afford to give to God.”  Well, everybody has something to give even if it is just a penny.  If you don’t have a penny then you certainly have YOUR time.  Tell God you are going to give Him your time so you can get your life straight and He will honor that.  He is always looking at your heart and your motives.


He KNOWS exactly why this pressure is upon you.  Understand you have to go to the source to get away from the problems and the Holy Spirit will guide you in doing this but you have to want it.  I cannot stress that enough.  God has taken pressure from me in many ways and He will do it for you.  Your answer to every problem, pressure, and bad thing coming at you are at the Cross and going there won’t cost you one thin dime.  People are so bogged down with everything else that they feel they don’t have the time to give to God, but Satan has got you again if you feel this way.  If you give God your time, He will give it back to you.


Mental pressure over your life, lack of money, broken relationships, broken bodies…exactly what is it that is giving you this pressure right now?  You don’t have to carry it alone but you will have to be the one to go to the Cross.  God is not going to make you.  I have to stay at the Cross in order to weather the pressure that comes at me, and even I get weary but what I get from going there is certainly more than what I give.


It is Christmas and this is the time that our focus needs to be on Christ, our living Savior, who is the ONLY one who can help any of us.  And if you need money He can get you that as well but it isn’t His MAIN focus for you….get your mind on Christ and He will show you the way.


I want to leave you with a scripture that I learned early in my own walk with the Lord:  If you will give your life to Me, then you will find you life (Matthew 16:25)….And I am a living witness that “your life” encompasses everything from money, health and relationships.  The choice though has to be yours…He is not going to make you do anything. 



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Thursday, December 03 2009

Are You Mad At God?



I was walking down the corridor of the hospital last week awaiting the delivery of my grandson and noticed two nurses huddled in the corner.  As I walked by I overheard one of them say, “I am so mad at God for letting this happen.”   I didn’t stop and blast them with what I knew to be the truth but waited upon the Holy Spirit to guide me.


My heart sank at hearing the statement, and I knew that they, along with millions of others, needed to hear the complete truth of who God really is and that none of us has any cause to be mad at Him.  What we need to do is turn our pointing fingers around at the one we need to be mad with…ourselves.


In my PJ (Pre-Jesus) days, I often made the same statement because I didn’t know any better.  Through years of various experiences of “walking through” life with Him, I learned that God was never to blame for my circumstances and that what happened was due to my lack of knowing Him.  Also, I had no clue that I had the resurrection power in me to combat most things that would try to destroy me and the temple I lived in.


God doesn’t hide the truth from us but most of us either take someone else’s word or don’t want to take the time to find out whom God truly is.  From the very beginning of creation, God tells us that what we sow we are going to reap.  Everything we do operates by some sort of seed.  Our words, our actions, and our thoughts can be seeds that we actually put into play in the earth and then we reap a return of these words, actions, and thoughts.  What we reap may be something good; it may be something bad.  Here is an example of this principle.  I have been around many people who constantly go to the doctor for help due to not taking care of the temple we have been given by God.  (Remember that this is the only one we get.)  This may be because of overeating, lack of exercise or overindulging in drugs or alcohol.  The list goes on and on but you get my point.  All sorts of sicknesses arise from human weaknesses but they can be overcome with the power of the Cross.  However, we have to understand that we have this power and then to have to know how to use this power so we can help ourselves.


To be certain, Satan is alive and well.  He is repeatedly attacking God’s children in some form or fashion and people lack the knowledge to know it is he, not God, causing these attacks.  But God is blamed for all their misery.  I want to state for the record here and now:  God DOES NOT do bad things to us….we, whether by choice, ignorance or by the devil, have bad things occur to us, all the while thinking God is doing it.  We end up blaming the very and only one who can help us.  This is twisted thinking.


I can’t even imagine what God thinks of us bickering at Him for things we have allowed to happen.  We are ignorant of the ways of God and it is time that we help ourselves so we can help those around us. 


God is not mocked…whatever a man sows, not what God sows he shall also reap.  We are reaping what we have sown, or more importantly, we are reaping nothing because we have sown nothing.  I can tell you that God is bigger than your life and there is nothing He won’t try to do to help you.  But you have to go to the SOURCE and that is God, the Father, through Jesus Christ.


Don’t blame God.  Learn to take your feelings to Him and tell Him how you feel and let Him talk to you.  YOU have an inheritance as His child if you call upon His name and you need to start to learn to talk to Him instead of everyone else.  THEY (whoever they are) can’t fix the situation for you.


If you hear nothing else from this, hear this:   GOD IS YOUR SOURCE alone….go to Him.  Stop blaming Him because it keeps you from wanting to tell Him anything and that is just what Satan wants…




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