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Friday, April 24 2009

2 Chronicles 7:14   “if  My  people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.


This scripture is intended for those of us who call on the name of God.  It was brought back to my remembrance last week.  This scripture is found in the Old Testament but is timely in the days in which we are living.  (Please know that the whole Bible is relevant, not just some of it.)  The word of the Lord started to come upon me as it always does when the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me something to get to His children. God is trying to tell us to turn from our wicked ways and turn to Him so He can help us.  It is so simple yet so many don’t know God in this way.


What exactly does “wicked ways” mean to us in this 21st century?  Without going into a lot of detail, let me just say that most of us have wicked ways.  A lot of people I have been around practice witchcraft and they don’t even know it.  We don’t think that we do but we do.  So what are they, Molly?  Here are some of the things that were put on my spirit.


If you say you believe in God and you do not tithe, that is an evil way.  You are in disobedience.  If you haven’t been taught about tithing from a Biblical standpoint that you can understand or “get,” that is one thing, but if you have been enlightened by the Holy Spirit of God about tithing (your money) and you rail against tithing where God tells you to, then shame on you!  Evil way!  And by the way there is good soil to put your money into and there is bad soil.  Make certain that you pray to God and ask Him for confirmation as to where to place your tithes and offerings.  Not everything out there that says “God” is God.  I learned that through walking through it myself. Click here for show on tithing. If you put anything before the Lord your God, making it an idol, such as jobs, clothes, men, women, homes, money, then shame on you!  What we don’t seem to understand is that our hearts are wicked in themselves and a lot of us are being deceived into thinking that we put God first when that is not the case.  Would you give to God first when you know you needed something?  For example, if you needed, and I mean really needed, some clothes, would you buy the clothes or would you use that money as a tithe, believing Him to honor it bringing you the clothes when He sees fit?  I can tell you by experience that most of us say we would but when push comes to shove, our flesh can get in the way and stop us from honoring God first…. we can’t seem to just do it.  Evil way!  


We have to come to the knowledge that God is real. He never, ever changes.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He requires our obedience FIRST and our devotion, AND THEN He will come and heal our land (our lives).  I can tell you firsthand that He has done just that for me in every facet and is still restoring my life….the life He intended for me to have. Don’t you want God’s best for your life?     


I walk around and talk to others and listen to what they are saying and I am just so grieved over the thinking and the lack of revelation that God’s children have.  We have been given, for the most part, a watered-down religiosity that goes, for the most part, against the God who is in charge and we don’t even know it. 


I received a present a few years ago from two individuals on my birthday.  The intention was good.   I had been asking God for a new Bible due to the worn condition of the one I was using.  I needed a new one.  The one I received is called the Rainbow bible.  This Bible had every bell and whistle imaginable in order to make learning about God palatable, easy and enjoyable.  After the day was over, I felt led to a certain scripture in this Bible. The scripture was Matthew 17:21.  Jesus tells us here that a particular kind of demon cannot be exorcised unless it is done with prayer AND fasting.  I know from experience with the demonic realm that this is in fact the case.  Why would I not believe EXACTLY what Jesus tells me?  When I turned to this scripture in this Cadillac bible, I was astonished to find that one of the most important facets of this scripture had been omitted….It was the word fasting.  I fast more I think than I don’t, and I can tell you that fasting is a key to victory when you are dealing with all kinds of Kingdom issues, especially in the demonic realm.  Then I knew that if that key scripture had been tainted, what else had been watered-down?  I got rid of that Bible and used the old one I had until I was released to purchase the one the Holy Spirit wanted me to have.


The moral of that story is that most of us are practicing witchcraft with watered-down bibles and don’t even know it.  This is not a feel good walk we are on if we say we follow Christ.  Evil ways!  We can’t mature into the things that God has for us because we don’t even realize we are being led astray.


I have grown to come to know a God who requires my obedience and my devotion so “My Land” can and will be healed.  This is not a game.  Healings, deliverances and provisions are not silly things.  They are very important and in order to receive them, you need to do it with a reverent heart for God.  When you can pray and receive an answer to your dilemma, then you better get up off of it and do what God is telling you.  Obedience is the key to Him coming and THEN healing your land….He isn’t just going to do it.


If “YOUR LAND” is in trouble and you are defeated in your life in any way, cry out to God.  If you want His best for your life, you want something different than you have and you are sick and tired of the life you are living, cry out to Him.  He will come and heal you IF you will turn from your wicked ways. 


We are in times of great distress in the body of Christ.  You cannot get everything you need and God’s provision by playing games with God.  I hate to tell you but you are going to have to stop playing church if you want God’s best.  Church as we have known it is over.  God’s children are suffering horribly and they don’t know why.  Some of it is judgment, to be certain, and some of it is sheer ignorance, BUT once you have gotten or become aware of “the more of God,” YOU will have to turn from your evil ways.  God is not going to make you and it is not up to the Pastor to make you.  The Pastor is in place to lead you, and I dare say, a lot of Pastors are being misled as well.  We are truly sheep without shepherds. 


I learned about God with the direction of the Holy Spirit and if He can do this much for me, what can He do for you?  This is going to be up to you.  But I tell you if you want a better life, YOU will have to do the asking and YOU will have to do the turning from your wicked ways just like I did.  I wasn’t even a baby in Christ when I turned to the Lord for help.  I had no clue about my Father in Heaven.  He is more than I ever knew and I had been raised in church. 


The choice of your life is up to you.  The outcomes in your life will depend on whether you turn from your wicked ways or not…believe me if anyone had wicked ways, it was me…


The only answers you need are at the cross.  I want to tell you that it won’t be easy and at times it won’t be fun, but it will be the best choice for your life.  Let me just tell you:  I really never wanted to be a real follower of Christ because frankly, the people I was around made Him look funky. God knows what He has taught me and how He has taught me and I can tell you that He is anything but funky.  We need Him for our lives.  He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Can you say the same?  He will come and heal your land and if He hasn’t, THEN who are you following?




God says it best:

Hosea 4:6  My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge…..

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Friday, April 17 2009

Are You in Trouble?


You know I am not a Bible thumper.  There might be some people who think I am but I am not.  They just don’t know all of my good qualities!  Ha-ha!  All I ever wanted to do was tell others what God had done for me so they wouldn’t make the same mistakes I have made, and they are many…OH, how great they are! I was in a world of trouble and couldn’t seem to get out of it no matter what I tried or what I did.  I thought I was a nice person.  I thought I was a good person.   But I can tell you that I was being led around by the devil and didn’t know how to get out of it.  I was in deep, deep trouble.



We all need to get “back to the basics” of just trying to tell everyone they have a deliverer who can and will deliver them from their troubles.  We need to tell others that they have a Father in Heaven who is ready and willing to help them.  The message is simple.   However God wants me to get it to you I will.  I try not to box God in with “my way” of doing my life anymore or how I am to help others.  He always sees what we can’t and we need to start bringing Him into every situation of our everyday lives.  For the sake of this blog, I want to make it clear to you that you have a Father in Heaven who is ready, willing and able to help you no matter what you are facing.  You might not like how He chooses to help you, but He will help you. 


You have to understand that God sees what you can’t.  He is not just going to get you out of a jam if it will not benefit you in the long run.  He wants to fix your life so you won’t end up in the same mess you are in today, whether it is financial, personal or in your working life.  But, the catch is YOU have to do the asking and YOU have to do the “doing.”  He is not going to make you.  In other words, you have to be obedient to do what He tells you to do…no matter what it is. 


In the beginning of my walk with God, He showed me so many good things that I became conditioned to thinking “good things” would always come my way.  I looked at God as a kind of Santa Claus.  However, I now know that is not the God I have learned to call my Father.  Eventually, He had to show me things (“the more”) I really did not like.  He wants us to come to Him with every little thing but He will require your obedience.  For example, if you need a job and He gives you one, then you better take it.  Don’t slap Him in the face by saying it isn’t good enough for you.  When I was working at Food Lion, I was just thrilled to be able to get a paycheck.  It was good, honest work and I needed the money.  This is from someone who had been a branch manager in a financial arena years earlier.  But I took it all for granted.  


If you are in trouble, and I know a lot of people are in trouble, then go to God, get on your knees and ask Him in earnest for His help.   There is nothing as His child that He won’t do for you.  But you have to humble yourself and ask Him for His will for your life, not your will for your life.  It will make all the difference in the world.  Unfortunately, people haven’t been taught to do this or have been mislead in the teaching they are receiving. The Father I know and love will answer any prayer of the heart….but He isn’t Santa Claus.


I ought to know.  I stood in the middle of my room one time and named and claimed a million dollars.  I just knew if I had a million dollars,  my life would be wonderful.  WRONG.  I would have already spent the million dollars and wouldn’t have learned a thing.  God wants you to be the best you can be on this earth, believe me. You cannot yank His chain.  God was going to transform me into what He wanted me to be and I had some mighty hard lessons ahead of me.  One of the lessons was how to be a good steward of what He gave me in terms of money.


Are you in trouble?  Then ask God to help you…He will.  It might not come down (from Heaven) exactly as you want but it will come down.  In all of the years I have asked God for anything, He has ALWAYS delivered the answer I needed.  So take it from someone who knows:  He is always ready to help.


Ask Him.  When you finally reach a point, and I really pray you never do, where you feel you have nowhere else to turn for answers and get relief, turn to Christ.  I was at this point and that is where I met Christ.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. What we try to do for you is to prod you into going to “the source.”  Don’t try to do life on your own.



Are you in trouble?  I mean hard trouble?  Then ask your Father for help.






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Thursday, April 09 2009

Be Specific!


One of the things the Holy Spirit has been putting in front of me and the people I am around recently is to tell others to be specific when talking and praying to God.  Be specific about what you are asking God for, i.e. be detailed.  From the beginning of time, God has been a very detailed God.  If you don’t think so then read the book of Numbers.  I really don’t care for that book, yet I have read some of it.  While doing so, the Holy Spirit placed on my heart that those people had names just like I had a name and they were just as real as I was.  He let me know I am to honor that book just as much as any because it was in the Bible for a reason.  That really brought it home for me.  As recorded in the Old Testament, Jesus also was a very individual God.  He went from person to person to person helping with specific needs, wants and desires.


WE are only humans and I am afraid that we are a fallen, sinful lot of people who need desperately a SAV-YOUR.  BUT!  We have someone who will come into our little pitiful lives and help us.  Some people would say you can’t or shouldn’t pray to God about things too small.  They feel like God is too important to bother with such small things.  That is not the Father I have come to love and adore.  He still loves me after all of the years I have prayed, fasted and offered (money) from the smallest of things (sick animals) to the largest of things (the healing of stroke victims).  I have been specific in what I have prayed for in order to target very genuine, specific things.  The miracles that have taken place in this ministry are truly divine.  But, our hearts were right, our motives were pure and we believed it was God’s will, through Jesus Christ our Savior, to pray for things.  Some of the things prayed for ranged from who was going to design the website to asking the Lord to move against a deadly illness.  The Holy Spirit moved through us and performed God’s will.  It has truly been miraculous.


WE have a very detailed, specific God who wants to help us but He requires our obedience.  A lot of us don’t believe He cares about the small stuff.  We don’t give Him the credit, love or devotion He deserves, so maybe that is why we feel we cannot ask of Him specific things. 


So, when you are praying to God, no matter what it is about, be specific and be detailed.  There might be some who say you can’t do that.  They are wrong.  I have proof and I am telling you to be specific.  Write down what you pray to God about so you will have a record of it.  In that way you won’t forget what exactly you asked of Him.  Then get up, shut up and watch the Holy Spirit move.  He will get you an answer, even if it is not the one you are looking for.  But, don’t be misguided; you still can’t name and claim anything you want.  Pray the Father’s will.  How do you do that?  You have to get to know the Father so you will know what His will is so you won’t ask amiss. 


We serve a detailed God who knows the very hairs on each of our heads.  I mean, come on.  We each have a different thumbprint!  Do you think that is just happenstance?  But, be careful what you ask for cause you just might get it.  Learn to be specific in your prayers.  We have a detailed God who dots every “i” and crosses every “t.”  If you don’t think so, then you don’t know what you are missing...and maybe you don't know you're Father as much as you think you do.


God bless you,






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