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Thursday, January 28 2010

Today is February 12, 2010. 

There will not be a new Divine Revelation yet due to the fact that the message below is the message for this particular time.  This will not be changed until the Holy Spirit gives me a new word.


We need reformation not only in the body of Christ but also in the earth.  I am angry when I see the condition of the lives of people I am around and of those I see in the news. 


I am appalled at the so-called Pastors and alleged teachers of the day who preach and teach Christ and proclaim to the masses, “You can buy a miracle.”  I am sickened when I watch these “feel good” evangelistic preachers, who have great big grins slapped on their faces, telling people that all they have to do to get out of the jam they are in is to give money.  I liken those who preach this principle to a piranha who is smiling all the way to the bank...I know because I have fallen prey to their tactics, willing to do anything to get out of my own jams.  The formula they sell for alleviating one’s troubles is almost the same thing that went on in Martin Luther’s day (The Great Reformer of the 1500’s).


The bible in and of itself is not going to be enough for you to overcome whatever your issues are.  It takes the presence of the Holy Spirit with God, who backs it all up, and then doing what it says.  If you think that all you have to do is read and your life will be better, then you are sadly mistaken and are not knowledgeable of the whole truth.


If you think that all you have to do is give money (even at the word of the so-called prophet), then you are wrong.  You cannot buy a better life, no matter how many times you are told this.  Not only that, you can go to church day in and day out and still stay in the same state of existence with defeat and negativity ruling your life.  In God’s world faith and works go together coupled with your obedience of tithing and offering. 


We need the truth….and we need someone to stand up and call “a spade a spade.”  The day of playing games is over.  For the most part, God's children are suffering.  People all over this earth are in spiritual and financial lack because it takes more than a financial investment to obtain what you need from God.  Don’t be deceived. 


I am here to stand up and go against anyone who is in the public arena who preaches and teaches this way.  God requires of you your heart, mind, and soul.  He is a jealous God who requires your devotion.  This requires your participation, not just the contents of your wallet.


It is time for a reformation in the body of Christ so the body can mature into the things of God and in turn, help a sick and dying nation.  God have mercy on us for trying to “sell” a miracle.   


God’s children are suffering at the hands of the big bad wolf and they can’t see it because it is what they have been conditioned to “do” for years.  Because of the fire I have walked through, I am qualified to tell you this truth:  the way the world is being taught about how to access the blessings of Christ is out of joint.  Someone has to have the guts to go against the norm for the sake of the elect.  Who are the elect you ask?  YOU are…everyday normal people who need a living Savior.  Think about it.  Jesus went in the temple with a whip and cursed all the moneychangers…saying, “My Father’s house will be called a house of prayer.” 


Picture Jesus standing on the hillside getting ready to preach the Beatitudes.  Can you see Him in your mind’s eye?  You have heard rumors that He is the chosen one of God…the Messiah.  You have been waiting for someone such as He and you are sitting there to hear something from another world on how to live your life.  You are excited at the prospect of something that will finally help you.  You are sitting there with baited breath waiting for the truth to spill forth.  He stands up and says, “If you will give me your money, I will give you a miracle.”   I will bless you with a blessing if you just “sow a seed.”  Money is what comes to your mind.  I am in desperate lack and have no hope and you want my money?  I don’t have any money.  You have no clue about money, tithes, and offerings.  No one has taught you the things of the kingdom and when you hear Him say it, something inside you wrenches and you are immediately turned off, thinking He is just like everybody else and you get up to leave…or turn the channel.  All you wanted was hope.


We are in desperation in this country and I blame those who use the public spotlight to present the Lord as someone who trades miracles for money.  Woe be unto you.  The imagination of man’s heart in many cases has taken over.  If you cannot go to the Word of God and prove what a person says then something is wrong.


It is time (way past time) for a changing of the guard…. To the law and to the testimony!   


If you believe in God and you are trying to walk with God but you find yourself in the same state you were in a year ago (maybe your circumstances are now even worse), something is wrong.  Turn off the TV, draw back from where you are going to church, sit before the Father, and tell Him what you are up against.  He will help guide you into all truth with pure motives.  He has nothing to gain from you.  The job of the Holy Spirit is to guide you into all truth.


When I first turned my heart to Jesus, I knew nothing of kingdom life, so I literally learned from scratch.  My life was a mess and I was taught by the Holy Spirit to use my money in ways I hadn’t known before.  I had been in banking and investments all of my life but knew nothing of what Malachi 3:8-12 talks about.  I hadn’t been raised on tithing.  The only thing I had ever heard of was pledges but I didn’t understand that concept either.  I realized that if I was going to go after God that I would have to believe Him with regard to my finances, as well as doing all other things His way.  At the time, I was a single parent living in a four-bedroom house for free (I had believed Him for a house), needing every cent that came into my hands.  I knew God was telling me that if I would give Him my tithes, He would open the windows of heaven over my life and I wanted that so badly.  My first thought was “How do you give to God?”  He is in heaven.  How was I going to get it to Him?  Did He need my money where He was?  I wanted answers to my questions so I asked Him.  Over the next few weeks He revealed to me just how to do it.  I didn’t attend a church so I gave my tithes where I was being fed spiritually, and God honored my effort.  I began from scratch to give money to God and things started to change for me.  


I want you to know that, yes; I have given to ministries that preach the Gospel on TV but only as I am led by the Holy Spirit.  Yes, I have been duped concerning giving as well, but I never gave up trying to get it right.  I learned valuable lessons by learning when I had been taken.  How else can I tell you that everyone is not preaching and teaching the true, undiluted word of God regarding money?   


When it comes to money you have to go God to get His will on where to tithe, when to offer and what to offer.  The bottom line is this: learn to tithe.  Take 10% of your gross paycheck and give it where the Holy Spirit tells you.  Not every place is good soil to sow your money into and there have been several times when the Holy Spirit told me to stop sowing my money there…even if it was a local body.  There are many who are using money to build bigger buildings while neglecting the truly needy who sit in their church pews week after week.


God is the ONE who sees a man’s heart and his true motives.  If you are feeling led to sow into any life, whether it is based “on a word given” or not, pray to God about it and then wait for Him to answer you….He always has gotten the truth to me so I can in turn tell you that He will get the truth to you. 


WE need reformation in the body of Christ.  WE have given Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit a bad name where money is concerned and we need to fall on our knees, repent and ask God for mercy.


We owe God our devotion in our heart, mind, and soul.  With that comes obedience in honoring God with our tithes and offerings.  Test what I am telling you for yourself.  I don’t who you are but I can tell you that I was one hardheaded woman and if I can believe God about opening the windows of heaven over my life, then anyone can.  It is real.  Go to the scriptures for yourself. 


I am the voice crying out to you to help you….for I am one just like you.



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Tuesday, January 26 2010

I want to address Haiti.  I have had something mulling around in my spirit for the last few days and need to get it out.


I was speaking about the devastation in Haiti to a family member the other day and they said, “I don’t think God would allow something like this to happen.”  Well, He has indeed allowed it to happen and God (who knows every sparrow who falls to the ground) is fully aware of what is going on there.  For reasons known only to the Father, this has been allowed to take place.  


As I walk around and listen, I hear that most have no clue who their Father in heaven is on the whole.  Our Father commanded the very first king ever, Saul, (who was brought into power because the people wanted someone they could physically see to rule over them- 1 Samuel 15) to go and literally wipe out every Amalekite (man, woman, infant, nursing child, ox, sheep, camel and donkey) due to them coming against Israel, His chosen nation.  This took place thousands of years ago and due to the fact it happened in the Old Testament, many would think this story is irrelevant.  You have to understand that Christ’s atoning work on the Cross did not negate the nature of our Father in Heaven.  But what it did allow was GRACE to save us (thank God). Many times I have said that I needed to fall prostrate on the floor in thanks to Jesus for dying for me because I know my sins deserved nothing less than death.  And I know that His very BLOOD has kept me here today. 


Since God commanded utter destruction to take place, what would make anyone think He would not allow this earthquake and subsequent aftershocks to happen?  Yes, God would and did allow this to occur for reasons known wholly to Him.  God is a wonderful God and Father but He is a just God and will discipline when necessary.  WE must remember that God sees what we cannot and that He alone is the judge…there is no other.  We have to be able to accept His judgment so that hearts will turn to Him.  God’s plan is the only plan that truly matters and His will is going to be done whether we agree with what He has done or not.


Is God being unfair?  No.  God is NEVER unjust.  We, as a people, are reaping what has been sown whether we realize it or not.  Whether by Satan’s hand or God allowing this to take place, we have to accept the fact that God created us all and He alone says who, what, when, where and how.   Just because this has been allowed to take place, does that mean that we do nothing?  No.  Moved by the Holy Spirit, we help, give, and rebuild. 


Susan Gahan is one of five individuals who began Jesuswithoutthejunk.  Her son-in- law, Adam Foushee, is a Captain Pilot with marine squadron 461 and has been sent to Haiti with the ship the USS Bataan.He will be there for a month helping and his comment was, “There are dead bodies everywhere.” 

Susan said that yesterday (26th) he flew 36,000 tons of food and water to different drop zones…can you imagine?   I would ask for your prayers for him as he endeavors each day (and they are long ones) to help deliver basic necessities of what I know I have even at times taken for granted.  Adam has left his wife and young child who weighed 1lb 14 oz at birth who now is a healthy young child to serve others, tirelessly giving his time, special gifts, and abilities to help his brothers and sisters abroad. 


I ask for your prayers also for this ministry and the road we have to travel up ahead, which I know will not only be long but deadly serious.  God has called us to tell the truth no matter what others think because God’s children are perishing for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).  I would ask you to seek God’s face and pray how the Holy Spirit leads you. 


You know, I grew up looking most days at a little statue that was in my brother’s bedroom that said:  He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.  Let us not curse the people who have been rocked by devastation.  Instead, let us pray, give and help them, remembering we are not the judge.


Jesuswithoutthejunk has sown a total of $800.00 for the cause in Haiti.  $500.00 went to a ministry who feeds orphans around the world, including Haiti.  The other $300.00 was sown into Samaritan’s Purse with the funds going directly into the Haiti effort.  We will gladly accept donations for the need of Haiti and place it into hands that use the funds directly for the Haiti relief effort.  Every cent you give will go solely for this purpose.  You have my word.  You may earmark your money and I will personally take care of getting it to hands of those who will use it for the people.  In every mission outreach I have undertaken that has always been a pet peeve of mine.  If money is given for a specific purpose then it needs to be used exactly for that and nothing else.


God bless us everyone because we need it.


God, our Lord, please have mercy on our souls. Pray for the souls of the people everywhere because whether we know it or not we all need Jesus Christ.




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Thursday, January 07 2010


Generally, I would be coming out the New Year’s door busting with words of encouragement for you but this year is different.  I don’t think you need me or anyone else to “sugar coat” life, smiling with big white teeth, telling you it is “all good in Jesus.”  At times, that can possibly turn a person away from the very One who can help.  He is the only one who can help you when you are feeling lost, hopeless and at your wit's end.  Do you feel hopeless as you are crossing the threshold of this New Year?


I know for certain what it feels like to get up, having no hope for the coming day, of circumstances remaining the same and praying that something, anything will happen to ease the pain of it all.  I know what it feels like to pray and fast, trying to commune with God for an answer only to end up questioning the fact of whether He heard or not.  Are heaven’s ears deaf?  Can’t God see that I need some kind of breakthrough?  I know and I fully understand.  More importantly, I want you to understand that I understand that feeling.


I don’t want you to ever feel like I am happy in Jesus 24/7 because that is just not the truth.  Someone needs to finally stand up and say that if you are going to walk the walk God has ordained for you from the beginning of time, day after day and hour after hour, it will be tough at times and you will have feelings of great hopelessness.  You will feel like you have no clue as to what to do next.  When you have tried to make it all happen, and nothing happens, what do you do?


Let the voice of experience tell you:  When you find yourself in this situation, this is a prime example of a time you DO NOT stop and you DO NOT quit.  I don’t make light of the fact that Satan wants you to stop doing anything that pertains to God.  He wants you to stop praying, giving, tithing…all of it.  When, and most importantly, IF you have tasted and seen that the Lord God is good to you, then don’t quit…don’t give up on God.  Something is happening in your circumstances, even if you cannot see it.  But, God is watching to see what you will do and how you will handle the situation.  To Him, it is your actions that will speak louder than all of the words you can muster to tell Him.  Show Him you are willing to keep getting up and going through your day no matter what happens or how you feel….He will honor your effort.


Life is not easy and yes, there are times when I wish I were young again so I could “do it all over,” but this time with the benefit of walking hand in hand with the ONE person who truly brought peace and joy in an aching heart, mind and spirit.  But, alas, none of us can go back.  So what do we do when we feel we just can’t anything anymore?   That is the time to go kneel and pray to the Father because He can change it all.  I speak to you from experience.  When you don’t want to pray, that is the precise time to pray.  But, most people won’t tell you that.


Satan has been after my butt all of my life.  Now that I am aware of where these attacks are coming from, it helps me combat the feelings and arrows of doubt that try to overwhelm me in the forms of horrible thoughts, depressed feelings and lack (of jobs, home, money, husband).  I live alone so loneliness can be a factor for me at times, but it always will pass if I keep my mouth shut and occupy my mind with something else.  I will read a book or the word or maybe watch a movie (I don’t watch anything over PG-13 and sometimes that is even too much) BUT I certainly stay away from anything that would put my mind into the gutter. Those kinds of movies will try to entwine my thoughts bringing back old feelings of doubt, loneliness and darkness that I have worked hard to overcome.  Many times a movie brings back old memories of my past life and behavior leaving me even more depressed than I was before I started, so I am always careful to ask God if He wants me to watch anything. And old songs I used to listen to…no thank you.  I had to learn (by many trials)to shut the door on the old songs as well so I could move forward.  I wanted to be new all the way through and it took a lot of effort.  But as I was faithful to put down the old man, God was faithful to give me a new one.


I know when I am feeling hopeless that that is the time to “press through,” shut up and just keep doing what I know to do.  I am careful to lay my concerns at the cross to let the Father know what is going on so He can give me wisdom.  Also, by doing that, it bursts the bubble of darkness that is growing in me, trying to destroy my walk and overtake my mind. 


We serve a God (Father) who loves us but who requires our devotion.  When we first come to Christ, He feeds us much like a baby, giving us a little at a time.  Then there comes a moment when He will require you to grow up if you want to continue to reap greater wisdom that He holds in His bosom just for you…And then sometimes He allows us to go through the darkness to see how we will handle it.  I think most people face demons inside that truly are coming from Satan but they don’t talk about them for fear of people calling them crazy.  However, if they would just get it out and address the situation, the Holy Spirit would lead them in how to truly be set free.


My word to you today in this blog is don’t give up hope.  As long as God is on the throne and as long as the Holy Spirit is here available to us, you’ve got hope.  It is only when God removes the Holy Spirit from the earth that you need to be concerned.


For some reason, in my life, no matter what I have come up against (and it is a lot), I have always come out on the other side having hope that my life will be better.  It is that hope that literally keeps me going….Ask God to give you hope and He will… just try to be patient while you are waiting….



I am here with an ear……


God bless you, and Happy New Year.




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