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Friday, October 14 2011

What is lip service?  To me, it is insincere talk passed off as the truth. I want to talk about giving true service and meaning to your lips.

Years ago, I wanted to do something mighty for God so I opened a business with $88.29. 

The truth is, each morning I would faithfully stop at the corner Food Lion stocking up on antacid pills and cigarettes. The cashier finally asked me if I was alright.  I had been feeling ill for some time.  And I realized that just maybe, I was in over my head but my pride would not have admitted that fact to anyone. I accepted that I would have to see this commitment through. I was not going to run. To top it all off I had no health insurance so going to the doctor was not an option.

Taking the advice of customers who were nurses, coupled with speaking out the Word of God to heal me, I managed to keep going during this time even though I knew something was attacking my body.  Sometimes I would repeat, by His stripes I am healed, for up to forty-five minutes until severe pains subsided.  If I didn’t work there was no money. 

However, due to exhaustion, I had to close the business after the second year. Two weeks after closing the front door I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery.  The doctor had to pick my gallbladder out in pieces it was so gangrenous.  But he said, “Something formed around your gallbladder that kept it from poisoning you to death.”   Immediately, I knew that the living Word I had been speaking out over myself had worked.   

The Word of God is alive and it is time to start learning it so you can use it to fight for yourself and family.  Deposit it in your heart and by faith speak it out of your mouth and defeat the enemies that are trying to destroy you.

Jesus died for you and me for two big reasons. The first being salvation of our souls at death and the second to give us the authority to overcome evil.  It is time to stop giving lip service to your deliverer.  Life and death is in the power of the tongue.  You need to learn how to use the mightiest weapon at your disposal to gain the victory in your life. 

Look for more stories such as this in The Stained Glass Window


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