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Thursday, October 25 2012

I sometimes think we forget how blessed (I deplore when someone uses the word “lucky” to describe the gifts they receive) we are in this country.  Also, all too often we tend to read about the barbaric behavior occurring in other countries and write it off to that just being their way of life…as long as we are not affected, right? 

Malala Yousafzai is the Pakistani schoolchild who was shot in the head by extremists earlier in the month because of being an outspoken supporter for girls’ education in her country.  The Taliban has taken responsibility for the shootings of her and two other classmates.  Her assailants were apparently opposed to her stand because it promoted Western culture. 

Though it is hard to believe because she is so young, she has been on the radar of the Taliban since at least 2009.  In her aim to champion the cause of education in her country, she wrote anonymously for the BBC and her blog included, among other issues, how the Taliban burned girl’s schools.  For all her efforts, she was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize.  But her aspirations for herself and others does not end there-also made known were her desires to set up her own political party in addition to starting a school for deprived girls.  Where does a young child get such wisdom, maturity and concern for others?  Her parents named her after an Afghan heroine and she certainly has lived up to her namesake.

So, this young lady wanted others to be treated better and stood up for what she knew was right.  What does the Taliban have to fear from her and those she wants to empower…loss of control?  Additionally, they have vowed to kill her should she survive. The shootings are deplorable and I pray that the world will not soon forget her courage and bravery.

This article is written to give remembrance to her and ask that you hold her up in prayer.  It is reported that her chance of survival is 50/50....she is but fourteen years of age.


Katie Altobellis

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Thursday, October 18 2012

Playing the God card



I think it is interesting that in this election year (especially), how much God’s name has been brought into the political arena not that that is a bad thing.  But I also do not think that it is necessary for a presidential candidate to have to constantly wave a big red flag for all to see in order for voters to know that he has God in his heart.  Jesus clearly tells us that we will be known by the fruit we bear.

As mentioned in an earlier writing, this ministry does not endorse any candidate or political party.  However, what I mean to do here is remark on a comment made by a writer for the Washington Post.  She said that one of the candidates handed the other “the God vote” by mentioning the Creator’s name during the debate.  I do not disagree with the comments made during the debate but the reporter’s statement of opinion is interesting.  She stated Obama “needed to wear God” if he wanted to win the next debate.  I get what she is saying but on the other side of the coin, no one can manipulate the name of God by “wearing” Him or just invoking His name and then think they will win anything…it goes deeper than that.  The mere use of God’s name is not to be used as some good luck charm in order for us to get a higher standing with Him.  God knows fake when He sees and hears it.  Incidentally, have you ever been around people who have said absolutely nothing but you still knew God was with them?  It is by the words of our mouth but we also represent God by how we act, how we carry ourselves and how we treat others.  What God stands for, his people will also stand for (or against). 

It is quite easy to see if someone is truthful when it comes to his belief in God.  His words and actions will line up with the Word of God.  And by the way, God owns us, not the other way around.

 Katie Altobellis




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Friday, October 12 2012


Conflict in the Middle East continues to rage on. It is not new and I will bring no revelation about what is going on regarding the civil war in Syria.  But what prompts me to write this article is the number of comments I have read from people who express this attitude:  why should we care about what is going on with this struggle which is not our own anyway?

We should all know that what goes on in any part of the world, especially in the Middle East, affects us globally.  A short list of concerns we should have about this war is┬» our economy, no matter whose side we take, is affected.  Our reputation as a world power that staunchly defends democracy and opposes brutality of a people by any regime stands in question and finally, yet importantly, why would we not be actively involved in deposing any government that supports terrorism?  We have intervened in other countries situations so why have we chosen to sit back and take a passive stance with the strife that engulfs Syria. 

There should be growing pressure by others on us to become more involved┬» at least for the sake of our futures.  How could a possible domino effect of falling governments over there affect us in days and years to come?  I know we have enough on our own plates and an entanglement in others’ affairs may not interest many but I think we walk a dangerous tightrope to sit back and be passive. 

President Assad does not care who he raises the sword against and it appears that thousands more lives will be lost before this internal war is over.  He could care less about humanistic rights of his people but the United States has always been the champion of those in crisis.  There is no easy or quick fix to this situation or it would already be over.  War is risky business and I am not suggesting it but horrible crimes against humanity are being committed.  Justice must prevail. Should we stand by idly?  Inaction will not bring change nor will it save lives.




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Thursday, October 04 2012



I had a carpenter working at my house a week or so ago.  I made mention of not being at Bible study on that particular day, which led him to say something about the Lord.  I jumped right in and he eventually opened up a little more.  I could tell he was sincere and he led me to believe he was trying to maintain direction, biblically speaking.

Eventually, he said, “I’m spiritual, but not religious.”  I said nothing about his comment at the time but later thought, What do people mean when they say this and what do they want you to understand about them? 

I believe in Christianity as a religion, i.e., I follow Christ.  So when someone says they are not religious but only spiritual, does that mean that they adhere to no set beliefs?  What disciplines do they follow and what are their core values?  Do they mix a little of this and a little of that to come up with what they believe in?

To me, it sounded rather trendy and cosmic to use this term and it sounds like people are rejecting doctrine of any kind.  I fully understand that what has come to light in today’s society to many is the fact that there are those who try to sell religion as something feel good and only you reaping. 

I believe that we have to have some kind of framework by which we live our lives.  I do not call myself Catholic, Baptist or Methodist but I am bound by the absolute truths found in Christianity.  When we share our beliefs with one another, we are sharing our religion.  So, I have to tell my carpenter friend when I see him again that he was sharing in religion, whether he saw it that way or not.

Whether you reject being religious or not, the bottom line is we do not need to label ourselves.  As long as we know God and do all we can in our lives to learn “the more” of Him and share Him with others, that is all that is important in this whole wide world.


Katie Altobellis 

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