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Friday, December 28 2012

When we started 2012, I wonder how many people imagined the year we would have.  The three top news stories for this year were the Newtown shootings, the extremely hard-fought presidential election and coming in third was super storm Sandy.  Along with worries about a lingering recession and our economic plight, many have stated they are facing 2013 with fear and intimidation.  A Washington Post and ABC News poll showed that only half of all Americans are hopeful as they approach the upcoming year.

Well, I can understand this line of thinking…up to a point; we are only human.  When we lean on our own understanding, we allow fear of the unknown to impede our thinking.  Then those things that started out as tiny thoughts can soon have us spinning out of control and we are filled with dread with what we have already figured out in our minds is going to be bad.

I am going to try and face this New year looking forward and shrug off any uncertainties about trepidations I may be feeling.  Sometimes I am filled with dread regarding particular circumstances I know I am going to have to face.  Then I have to remember that when I think this way I am saying to Him that He is not able and His Word is not true.  Then I have to say, “When has He ever failed you?” 

Every word, every circumstance in the Bible is pure truth and I believe it was put in written form for us to be reminded of all His promises.  He knew our hearts would grow faint at times.  I have to remind myself of the stories of David, Joseph, Ruth and Saul, for example, and remember how He turned each one of their seemingly hopeless situations into a future with hope.  I will also try to remember this coming year to thank Him more for all He has done and continues to do for me…sometimes I think He must say, “If you only knew!”

We pray you will look forward to 2013 with hope and confidence in the Lord and that it will be your best year ever!



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Wednesday, December 19 2012

There are those who have spent thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of dollars to prepare for what they believe to be the end of the world on December 21, 2012.  I would like to assure you that Jesus Without The Junk will be in full force beginning January 1, 2013.  We (nor you or anyone else for that matter) are not going anywhere… just yet.  This world is not going to end.  First, I have too much to share and tell you about a living Savior.  Most of the time it burns within me so much so that sometimes I would just like to throw up a tent on the side of the road somewhere and teach and preach to you about how to gain the victory daily while you are alive.  I have told many over the years that others can only be helped just so much unless the one helping has experienced the same issues and has come out the victor.  So don’t pack your bags just yet!

Lastly, I want to wish you a belated and heartfelt Merry Christmas because Jesus truly is the reason we celebrate this season.  I and the other ministry members were part of a huge mission outreach through First Baptist of Carolina Beach this past December 9, 2012 and a great deal of money was raised to help bring Christmas to the children of Pleasure Island specifically.  That was a present for me.

In all truth, I want to confirm to you that we all will be here on January 1, 2013 ready and willing to go and do what God has called us to do through this ministry, no matter how small or how big.  We serve a faithful and true God.

Thank you for your vote of confidence in this outreach.  You have been uplifting to Katie, who has been writing articles for the Gazette the last six months, and me when I feel certain we have both wondered if our perspective touched anyone.


Happy New Year and God bless us everyone!


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Friday, December 14 2012

I was talking with a co-worker the other day and she mentioned that her husband worked for a particular company that threatened to fire him (and anyone else) if employees wished their clients “Merry Christmas.”  This has been a “threat” hanging over Christians for years now and the politically correct stance to take is to wish others “Happy Holidays” instead.  Why it is referred to as being politically correct baffles me; there is nothing political or correct about it.

The United States is a multi-cultured nation and we embrace tolerance and acceptance in a myriad of areas like no other country, to include the area of religious freedom, but as always, religion causes great divides…just as the enemy means it to.

I could take it as an attack on my graciousness to wish someone a Merry Christmas and they get offended, but they will never rob me of that joy.  What are the incensed afraid of; that they may get converted, that they may smile or feel good, perhaps for the first time that day because someone said something in a pleasant manner?

For some reason (Christ, I assume), people want to declare this war on Christmas and they make ardent attempts to draw the battles lines in the sand in an effort to make sure folks use the correct terminology during this time of year…or else.

There is a reason that we celebrate this time of year and those that do not wish to be a part of it do not have to but it is, in the end, to their detriment.  Forgive us, but we as Christians are told to “love thy neighbor.”  We are just being obedient; we cannot help ourselves.  Christ is the center of our world and He is the reason we celebrate Christmas. 

There is an interesting note to add here to those non-Christians that would rather say “Happy Holidays”:  you have not taken religion out of your well wishing…the word holiday actually means “Holy day” and in days long ago, it referred to a time of religious celebration.  So…oops, are you sure you meant to say that?






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