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Friday, February 24 2012



I just got in from my WOG (walk/jog).  As I was going along, I happened to look down and noticed a tree and its roots that wrapped around and around, disappearing into the ground.  I thought, Wow, how strong you must be…

As I continued, I began noticing other live foliage, trees, bushes but some looked so dry and brittle having very little roots and appearing as though they were going to break in two.  What struck me was the fact that even though they were all different in size, shape, color and magnificence they had one thing in common— they all had to be connected and fed from the same soil.  Without it they would die.

There are all different kinds of people as well.  Have you ever been around someone who just lights up a room when they enter?  On the other side, there are those who look like they are shriveling up and need a big drink of water.  Some people look so bitter that they appear as though they will snap in two and you dread being around them.

That same day I also spotted two waterfalls on either side of the street but they were not watering anything.  Just as vegetation of the earth needs its root system watered to survive, you also need your root system “watered.”  In the Bible, the Holy Spirit is likened to water but unlike the waterfalls I saw this water feeds you supernaturally from above.  But you can’t just get this water by simply saying the name of Jesus.  Daily you must hold out your cup to drink from this flow, but I promise you ONE thing— you might feel parched right now feeling as if you will break in two but if you will rise up and purpose to drink, you can flourish right where you are.      

There is but ONE answer to resolving the feelings of bitterness and feeling “dried up” and dead on the inside … exposure, connection and roots to the ONE soil are critical to achieving the life you desire. The waterfall is flowing…go get your cup.


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Friday, February 10 2012



As I get older, everything about my body seems to be going south and I have been feeling convicted (a lot) recently that I need to do something about my flabby abs.  I get all dressed up, look in the mirror, suck in my stomach (so I can pretend it is nice and flat) and it still blubbles out and I think, How did that get there?  Of course, it couldn’t possibly be the lattes or the overindulgence in eggnog over the holidays.  Help me, Jesus!

Well, it’s time to take a good hard look (and I know you may not want to) in the mirror and decide what you want to change.  How do you propose to have lasting results in regards your life?  Ask yourself if you are happy with your circumstances as they are at this moment.  Do you constantly look to others for the answers?  Do you wish you looked great in your clothes (forget about a bathing suit!)?

Today I worked out aerobically, finishing with weights.  At my age, unless I use it, I lose it (strength, stamina, vitality).  It was tough on me to finish the routine but I huffed and puffed my way through it.  At the end, I was sweaty but felt like I had overcome a mountain of oppression that had been hovering over me.  Did my jeans fit better suddenly?  No, but they will if I can stay diligent.  Bad things you don’t like just don’t evaporate.  Thinking things will change is a bad trap of the enemy. 

Look into the greatest mirror there is to find out what God wants for your life and let this year be a new beginning for particular issues you would like to see differently.  Stop pretending things will get better all by themselves.  I can tell you for a fact that unless I work my abs out, they will not get any firmer. 

Exercise your body to run the race God has placed before you and then begin to exercise your spirit.  Don’t just look at the Bible open it to mirror the reflection God wants for you. You can end up with a flat belly but don’t end up with a ‘less than’ life. 



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