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Thursday, May 31 2012



I find it interesting when politicians use the Bible and their faith to support special interest programs they want voted in but then when certain issues do not “fit” their agendas, they then hide behind separation of church and state to support why something should not be passed.

In the current elections (local and national) more so than in the past (it seems), biblical doctrines are being contorted, depending on who is interpreting them.  This is nothing new; men have always taken God’s Word and turned it around in order to make it fit their own purposes.

Recently, a high-ranking House member stated that his faith helped shape his budget plan, which included suggestions that government should have little to do with helping the poor.  He voiced that churches and charities should bear the responsibility of feeding and sustaining the poor.  He proposed that welfare from the government “dishonors the dignity of the human person” and makes it harder for churches and charitable organizations to do their work.  Others think that it invites greater governmental control over peoples’ lives if they get too involved.  I understand that but who suffers and at what cost because you do not want Big Brother involved?

The Bible may not specifically name the local or federal governments’ roles in charity but we have an obligation to read between the lines (at times) when we consider what the concerns of God are.  Approximately 300 verses in the Word mention the poor (financially and spiritually).  That should say something right there.  God has always had great concern for the poor. 

For those of you who also agree that charities and churches should be the only ones to harbor the burden of the poor, I propose this:  perhaps they would have a better time of it if those of you who don’t tithe, do so. 

Societies as a whole have a responsibility to take care of those in lack...believe it. 

Proverbs 19:17 – “He who is gracious to the poor man lends to the LORD, and He will repay him for his good deed.”

Katie Altobellis


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Friday, May 25 2012


When you listen to Christians talk, you hear different beliefs being espoused and as a result, what we say and how we carry ourselves are at times in contradiction to what is in the Word of God.  One major thing I have learned in my own walk with Christ is that unfortunately, you cannot make the truth palatable.  However, the truth is the truth all the time; it never changes. 

I tuned in to a popular nighttime show last week and caught the interview of a young woman who stated she was raised in a Christian home.  She went on to say she believed in gay marriage and was for abortion, stating that a person’s body was theirs and they had the right to do whatever they wanted with it.  And I do believe others have the right to do what they want with their bodies but it is my job to get you the pure, undiluted truth of what the Gospel says.

If anyone who is a proclaimed Christian believes in abortion and are for men and women marrying their own sex, it tells me clearly that they have not been exposed to the nature of God.  The Bible clearly stipulates God’s feeling on both these issues.  The Bible teaches it is a commandment not to commit murder.  I was given revelation from the Holy Spirit in regard to a human’s soul.  He clearly spoke to me (as I was repenting for my abortions) and stated, “Molly, when do you think I put the soul in a person, after they come out of the womb?”  You can rearrange the Word of God any way you want in order for your conscience not to feel convicted, but nowhere in God’s Word does he say abortion or for that matter gay marriage are His choices.  Search these two critical issues for yourselves. Exposure to what is in the Word of God coupled with prayer (to the source) is necessary to clearly make a true and unbiased stand for what you do believe as a follower of Christ.         


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Thursday, May 17 2012



For some reason people are fascinated with predictions regarding the end of the world.  I cannot think of a less interesting fascination but there have been hundreds, if not thousands of predictions made.  People are fueled by fear (always have been), and predictions are that the end of the world will happen (again) December 21, 2012.

There have been many predictions regarding the “big finale.”  The first instance I can really recall with any clarity about “doomsday” was in 2000, when the Y2K scare had folks thinking not only were computers going to crash and cause worldwide economic disasters, but also that it would lead to the end of the world.  Edgar Cayce predicted the Battle of Armageddon would happen in 1999, there was a book written in 1982 called The Jupiter Effect, which said that because of the rare alignment of all nine planets, the gravitational pull would cause catastrophic earthquakes and severe climatic changes, and a supposed prophet convinced people that in April 1990, a nuclear war would happen.  The list goes on and on. 

Of course, what has caused a flutter in peoples’ hearts again this year is the Mayan prophecy about 2012.  The Mayans had several calendars, one being the Long Count calendar.  It is reset to 0 every 1,872,000 days.  Some say that the next reset date is December 21st of this year. 

That people are preparing for “doomsday” is nothing new.  One man in Colorado has invested $3,000 in preparing a safe room in his family’s home.  He says, “We are ready to survive in place.”

No one but the Father knows when the end of time will be.  In Matthew 24:36, Jesus, talking with His disciples, says that no one knows the day or the hour; not man, the angels or even Him.

Satan is smiling each time someone sets up another bunker in their house, writes a “prophetic” book on the subject or sets another date for the “absolutely real last day on earth.”

Remember, the devil is a liar and he is in the business of selling fear; it’s made him millions.

Katie Altobellis



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Friday, May 11 2012



This ministry does not endorse a political party and does not promote particular candidates who are running in any given race. What we try to do is be objective in giving another view to readers which comes through much prayer and a lot of fasting.

It is shameful for anyone who has the ability to influence the multitudes because of their station in life to abuse that sway by belittling and degrading the person who holds the highest office in this nation.  We may or may not respect all that our elected leader does, but as a matter of character and integrity, we need to respect the office that man holds.  Because of the United States’ struggles, other nations may not revere us like they once did, but the world still watches everything we do and say.

Several weeks ago, a music celebrity called the president, the attorney general and the vice president “criminals.”  He then elaborated by saying, “We need to chop their heads off in November.” Folks at this particular gathering clapped when he finished speaking, though several appeared to have glazed over looks on their faces. 

This celebrity then “went off” on a member of a news crew using phrases that had to be bleeped out.  He was insulted when the secret service questioned him and downplaying his comments by saying he made them in “fear.”  (Some people do not think the rules ever apply to them.)  He then called himself a “perfect human being.”  Did I mention that this man refers to his Christian faith in interviews and attends church regularly? 

With that being said, God’s Word is clear about the fact that we need to submit to governmental authority (Romans 13).  If you really want change (the way you state you do) to come in the upcoming elections so we can save this nation… then fast and pray.  The power of prayer coupled with fasting will tear down the strongholds that are trying to strangle this nation.  Words are empty and sometimes just out of line.…action is what is needed.

Katie Altobellis



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