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Friday, January 25 2013



America is a country that worships its weapons, especially guns.  Guns are deeply rooted in our culture, as this country’s fight for independence began with “the shot heard round the world.”  There are almost as many guns now in this nation as there are people; reportedly, there are 89 guns for every one hundred people.  We own more guns that any other nation on earth and truly are a violent nation. 

Not surprisingly then, our gun deaths are among the highest.  In 2011, approximately 8600 murders were committed with the use of a gun.  According to Mother Jones, an independent news organization, between the years of 1982 through 2012, 62 mass killings have been committed with the use of firearms (2012 being the deadliest year with seven) and three quarters of the guns used were obtained legally.  It would almost appear that mass shootings are commonplace America. 

After the latest tragedy in Newtown, I thought to myself, “What a wonderful thing it would be if we could be a gun free nation.  Japan has stringent gun control laws and allows almost no one to own a firearm except for the police.  Of course, I hate guns and that idea appeals to me, though I now know it is totally unreasonable.  And I know this will never fly in America because we are a gun-toting nation and possessing guns is something ingrained in our heritage.

Why, though, is gun control widely unpopular with politicians and hard-liners?  How many more mass shootings have to happen before some kind of action is taken?  Stricter background checks, longer waiting periods before one can own a gun and mental health evaluations may be a start.  It’s time to crack down on this issue once and for all.  Gun control will not completely stop violence but we must quit being at odds over this situation.  How many more children must lose their lives before we see that?

Matthew 26:52 - Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.



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