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Friday, May 31 2013



By Molly Painter

For some time now it has been on my heart to write a blog giving credit to someone who really has not gotten the full attention they deserve in the way that needs to be given.  This individual does a lot of behind the scenes writing of blogs, has edited The Stained Glass Window and generally makes this ministry look well researched and groomed in what is placed before the ‘public eye.’  As I have gone out into the public arena most recently and listened to comments made in regard to the blogs that are read I knew it was time to acknowledge this individual in a greater fashion.

The blogs that I write are a common sense type of ‘bringing heaven down to earth’ but the individual I am speaking of researches extensively on current world view subjects most of the time.  She began to edit for the ministry a long time ago (when my skills as a writer were very juvenile).  You see, all I ever wanted to do was preach the Gospel.  But certainly I was forced (by the Holy Spirit) to become a more skilled writer and she has helped me to accomplish this goal.

Following Jesus is not just learning the bible and its scriptures it is applying it to everyday life and the understanding of a God who is still very much a ‘hands on’ Father.  The ‘whys’ of why certain things are allowed to occur, in the society in which we live, desperately needs to be answered and she brings this type of knowledge to current events. 

Remember everyone—always give credit where credit is due and don’t worry about it being too late.  A pat on the back is always welcome when deserved all of the time. Thank you Katie Altobellis for what you do for our readers and those who have read The Stained Glass Window and for what you will write in the future—well done good and faithful servant!

It takes a lot of people and effort for this ministry to accomplish what it does and the following need to be thanked as well—Marjorie Ard, Susan Gahan and Dara Newberry.  Well done! 


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Thursday, May 23 2013


I think it is interesting that when the government wants to start cutting programs, it is the poor who usually suffer…just as I know there will always be rancor between the haves and have-nots.

The Republicans and Democrats traded jabs recently over an approved legislation that would pare down SNAP (the food stamp program) by approximately 2.5 billion dollars and would result in about 2 million people being cut out of the program.  A couple of congressional representatives were upset enough to bring Jesus and Matthew 25 up to point.  They made it clear Jesus’ thoughts on feeding the poor.  One said that Matthew 25 did not speak to the US government but he takes it to speak to the poor on individual terms.  I disagree here; I think the government and its citizens fall under the umbrella of caring for the poor; we all carry the burden.  We have addressed this issue before and I will not apologize for being repetitive.

Approximately 47 million people rely on food stamps and that program cost the government 80 million dollars in 2011.  If this cut happens, about 200,000 children will no longer have access to free lunches.  The children are not only those who will suffer but also the elderly and disabled. 

I have said before and I will say it again instead of cutting these programs to the poor, there needs to be better checking on those fraudulently receiving help they do not need.  Fraud is hard to measure but about 2-3% of recipients illegally receive benefits and it cost the government about 9-13 billion dollars a year.  I will not address the government’s role in this waste, however.

Let me present some figures here and see what you can take in:

In 2011 nearly 13 million were jobless but we spent 359 billion on luxury items, 9 billion was spent on theater and movie tickets, we imported 201 million dollars worth of fireworks, 50 billion was spent on alcohol and 44 billion was spent on tobacco.  Do you see any of your own frivolous spending here?  


We should be ashamed.  No citizen should go without.



Katie Altobellis

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Friday, May 17 2013




With a great sense of relief, we are able to rejoice along with the relatives the miraculous rescue of the three missing girls from Ohio who were held captive for the last decade. One cannot imagine what their ordeal was like but to read that their families never gave up hope for their safe return is tremendously encouraging. 

Interestingly enough, self-proclaimed psychic, Sylvia Browne, has been linked in the news with one of the victims, Amanda Berry.  I am familiar with Browne, because when I knew no better and wanted a “quick fix” to the problems I was having; I consulted psychics and faithfully watched the Montel Williams show, which Browne was a regular guest on. I now look back and all I can do is shake my head. (You do not want to know how much money I threw away trying to find answers.)

Apparently, Berry’s Mom, out of desperation, appeared on Williams’ show in 2004 after her daughter went missing.  Browne told her that her daughter was not alive and that she would only see her daughter again “on the other side.” (Berry’s Mom died one year later.)

Berry’s case is not the first time she has misinformed others about the truth.  The instances are too many to name here.  So how is it that Browne can charge $550 for phone readings and folks still lap up what comes out of her mouth?

I understand what desperation is and feeling you have nowhere to turn but to a psychic.  There is no such thing as talking to the dead and psychics cannot give you the truth about your marriage, job, or money.  We have devoted time on the web site to this subject before and I encourage you to find that writing and read it.

Fortune telling is a deceptive practice and the Word has much to say about this subject as well.

Isaiah 81:19 And when they say to you, “Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter,” should not a people seek their God?  Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living?





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Thursday, May 09 2013

You Do Not Have to Apologize for Telling the Truth We all know the uproar ESPN commentator, Chris Broussard, caused recently when he announced on TV that, ".if you are living openly in unrepentant sin, whatever it may be.I believe that's walking in open rebellion to God." Due to Jason Collins' recent "coming out," Broussard's comments have come under fire. The knee-jerk responses to Broussard's stance leave out that he is talking about sin inclusively, and instead chooses to zero in on a claim that he expressed intolerance for Collins and others that choose to live a homosexual lifestyle.

I feel compelled to address a couple of issues here and then I will get back to Broussard. Feedback posted in the media about Collins' announcement drew reactions such as these: A former professional footballer said, "Congrats to Jason Collins" and then wondered why a church that hired him to speak withdrew their offer. ESPN's view was that they were fully committed to diversity and welcomed Collins' announcement. They then said they regretted that Broussard's personal opinion caused a "distraction." Heaven forbid they should lose any audience or sponsors.

A Christian group has asked ESPN to suspend Broussard. President Obama praised Collins for being brave. An actress who writes for a newspaper said, "Welcome to the light, Jason Collins." Lastly, someone posted this: "Collins changed the world forever when he told the truth." I am not surprised at the bashing Broussard has received but I've hardly read any reactions from those that call themselves loving God.

Are there others willing to stand up for God and announce Broussard correct? Some that call themselves knowing truth and light are misinforming others. This is not about being intolerant of others or pushing religion on the masses. This is pointing out sin, calling it what it is and praying that others come to understand the real way, the truth and the life. The wages of sin are death and Broussard and others know that no matter what any have done, we want to take as many souls to Heaven with us as possible. Now. that is the truth.

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Thursday, May 02 2013

I went to training for work the other day and several people wished me “good luck.”  I get what they mean when they say those two words but deep down that phrase has never sat well with me and I truly think those words are said out of ignorance because of one’s lack of faith. 

Have you ever carried a rabbit’s foot, nailed a horseshoe over your doorway or crossed your fingers all in the name of good luck?  When I knew no better, I believed in all kinds of superstitious charms and other items and trusted in these novelties to produce the positive, desired outcome I wanted.  I have matured a little now and when I hear people, especially Christians, wish others or me good luck, it hits a nerve because it smacks of being superstitious. 

Superstitions are witchcraft, astrology, magic and other beliefs (like believing in good or bad luck) that people hold as truths in order to control chaotic circumstances in their lives.  According to psychologist Stuart Vyse, over half of Americans believe in some kind of superstition.  (No children of God in that poll, I’m sure.)

I read another article that claimed belief in prayer is a superstitious practice.  Anyone with half a brain knows that prayer has Someone to back it up, not so with superstitious beliefs.  There is a huge difference in believing in not walking on sidewalk cracks and believing in prayer.  One belief is born and done out of fear, the other out of faith. 

Some people would not dream of leaving their home without their lucky shirt on; others would never dare go anywhere without wearing a beloved religious item.  Both acts are superstitious and are indicative of idolatry.  There is nothing wrong with wearing a cross around your neck, but when it becomes an obsessive act, this is dangerous practice. 

Do not think you are tempting fate if you open an umbrella indoors or walk in front of a black cat.  Things like luck and chance are pure guesswork... not so with prayer-it is logical.  Nothing is done outside of God’s divine plan…believe that.

Katie Altobellis

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