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Thursday, September 12 2013

According to the Washington Post, only 63% of those in the US who are able to work have a job.  That means that approximately 11 million Americans are officially unemployed and with economic growth remaining stubbornly sluggish, no telling when things will turn around and how long it will take.  A disturbing disclosure in Forbes magazine reveals that in 35 states welfare pays more than a minimum wage job. That knowledge makes me wonder where the incentive is for folks to look for work.  The consequences of unemployment can be devastating and sometimes enduring. Unemployment not only effects families but communities…unemployment hits people where it hurts the most; in their pocketbooks and in their hope.

I live in North Carolina and news about a recent story that came out of our capital city of Raleigh made me ashamed to call myself a North Carolinian.

Reportedly, Wake County has no place for the poor and homeless to go to on the weekend to get a meal.  Therefore, Love Wins Ministries, along with the cooperation of other churches, have furnished coffee and a breakfast sandwich to the downtrodden on a sidewalk near a park for around the last 6 years.  But then came the morning of August 24th.  On that day, they were told that because of a particular ordinance, if they passed out food to the hungry they would go to jail. Naturally, this incident received national attention.

There are actually a number of states that have adopted ordinances and laws to “punish” the homeless, to include Florida, Oregon and Penn.  Columbia, S.C. has approved a plan where those found sleeping outdoors are forced to go to a shelter on the outskirts of town or be arrested.  NY Mayor Bloomberg outlawed food donations to the hungry because the city was unable to assess the nutritional value and fat content of the food.  Out of sight does not mean out of mind because the homeless and hungry are going nowhere. 


Won’t you join us October 26, 2013 @ 8:00 am:—The children and families of Carolina Beach need your help.



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Friday, September 06 2013




By Katie Altobellis

It seems the United States loves meddling in others’ affairs.  Whatever the worldwide problem is, we just cannot help but butt in and try to be the hero of the story.  Must we always puff our chest out and try and prove to other countries that we are the biggest and baddest of them all?  We cannot be the conscious of the entire planet, nor can be always be its moral compass.

 I say, “Thank the Lord for the freedoms He gives us.”   However, we cannot always jump into others’ affairs and not expect negative repercussions.   We have been blessed exponentially and this country has a deep heart for those that have been persecuted and is a champion of human rights, but when things do not go our way, we cannot challenge the world to do things our way and say, “or else.”

We are a country governed by constitutional morality but our ideas and expectations cannot be thrust onto others; America cannot always save the day. I think the world desperately needs countries to be leaders regarding human rights issues but the United States does not always need to take a hard-wired approach and believe a first line of defense is to do battle with war mongering countries when atrocities happen.  Democracy and our way of doing things can be a hard pill to swallow by others.

Recently, John Kerry called the United State a “global policeman.”  But I wonder why every war should belong to us.  Our security is at stake when we get involved in others’ wars and I think that we should be definitely clear that our military action and presence in another country is warranted. 

What is at stake for this country if we take action against another with full understanding that other nations have vowed to “leave well enough alone?”  This country never tries to turn a blind eye to inhumanity but sometimes we have to understand that our presence in some situations can do us and others more harm than good.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” —Martin Luther King, Jr.


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