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Wednesday, May 02 2018

May 4, 2018

My Opinion

I hold a theology degree, and I could entwine scriptures throughout this blog to back up exactly what is bearing on my heart, but I want to send this opinion out from the pure standpoint of kindness, respect, and concern for the dignity of a human soul. On April 17, 2018, the day that the Lord took Barbara Bush home, former First Lady (emphasis on the word LADY) a tenured college professor who commands $100,000. 00 per annum, stated quite bluntly, and I am paraphrasing her diatribe that upset me so much that it kept me from a sound sleep, that she was glad the “Witch was dead” and furthermore, that she, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. Wow!

Her claim (as if daring anyone to stand against her) was that she could not be fired.  Really? There was an outpouring of disgust over her comments.  The result after faculty meetings was a determination that she was indeed correct and could not be fired hiding behind the banner of First Amendment freedom of speech. I go with First Amendment rights of an individual or else I would probably be censored for my blogs, but this God-given right of freedom in our society does not give us the right to “Hate Speech” or for that matter slander. There could probably be a suit brought against her for liable. What this professor spewed on and on about was not a First Amendment right to speech. That is something completely different. 

We as a nation must bring back the basic right to human respect.  Each person commands the right to be respected.  Period.  There is no if, and’s, or but’s about this, as my dad would tell me when there was something that I was going to do that I didn't want to. 

This country was founded on Christian principles, not bigotry and hate. Our society has not been turned upside down by Donald Trump. Yes, there have been great injustices on many levels against human beings, but to spew “Hate Speech” against a deceased human soul goes beyond First Amendment rights. This is an affront against the light of this world. Manners do matter.  It is time for us all to get back our thinking of human worth, kindness, and love of our fellow man or woman. 

Reverend Molly

P.S. Don’t even get me started on the vitriolic speech against Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the WHCD.  As Christians, remember that when good people do nothing, evil wins.  Stand up against this injustice!

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