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Sunday, September 23 2018

The snare of the fowler—

God, in His infinite wisdom, has delivered us from the snare of the fowler (Ps. 91).  I am not certain where any of you lives (and would love to know), but I am in Wilmington, N.C. and have survived the direct onslaught of hurricane Florence or should I just say the devil and his devious unnatural weather occurrences. To be certain, the devastation that has taken place was horrific, although my family and myself were shown great mercy. 

God does as He wills, and I follow His leading however, each day along the way this past year, I have prayed with much fasting for the Holy Spirit to use me for God’s divine purposes to be realized right among the individuals where I live and through our worldwide net webpage Jesus without the

I was only displaced for five days and was with my daughter and her family. My extended family was staying with her as well.  We had the power go out but had a generator as a backup.  The water was on the entire time, although it was said that that, too, would be lost.  We had food to eat and had to end up taking cold showers for a couple of days, but prayer was the mainstay all along the way. God granted us His mercy. 

My thought life has been taken captive by the very words of our Savior, but many times Satan creeps in to haunt and daunt us to have us deny the very force that can keep us, even when things seem the bleakest. The “quarter turn shift” is what this is called.  One positive shift in our thinking can turn the circumstances into a force that can hardly be reckoned with if one is willing to allow the Holy Spirit to indwell in the mind.  The helmet of salvation, we all have at our disposal, is metal and cannot be penetrated by any flaming arrow of the ungodly one (Satan). When hard times befall all of us, and they will befall all of us, be prepared throughout with your prayer life.  It sustains us not only when times are good, but when we feel that life has been unfair to us. I dare say, I was not asked this past week by God to go to Legion Stadium and be mauled apart by lions, as the early church was, for professing my faith in a risen Christ that He could still this hurricane. 

Take heart everyone and know that God is still on the throne and that He did not wreak havoc or cause this hurricane to occur. God loves us and in His infinite mercy has truly raised the standard against this ugly foe that we fought hard this past week. Yes, there were lives lost and truly I am sorry for those and have lifted them up to heaven through intercession, but we must not blame God for this and we must stand firm against the wiles of the devil.  John 10:10 tells us clearly that Satan comes not but to kill, to steal, and to destroy.  But one thing he cannot do is steal the soul that has turned its ownership heavenward through acceptance of a living Savior.  To God be the glory.  Amen.

May love and hope light your path,


P.S. Pray for the first responders, those who have opened their business and sent out trucks to feed the hungry, and those who have come from all over the country to help us restore this beautiful state.    

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