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Friday, April 19 2019

My heartfelt resurrection blog…

Today (April 19th) marks the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, who provides resurrection power for those who believe. NO ONE can boast about having a Savior who has risen from the dead except Christians, no one.  As trite as it might sound, “The tomb is empty.”

Years ago, a friend of mine asked me to watch Titanic with her. Ordinarily, this would have been the type of movie that I would have been the first in line to see, but I had held myself back and didn’t bite the apple to go when it opened in theaters. I hadn’t been watching anything but Christian television by this time in my life (about a year), and I had mixed emotions about it. I had come to understand that what “goes in the mind will most certainly come out the mouth, ” and I was trying so hard to allow the Holy Spirit to change my “old things.”  She said, “Instead of buying me something, I would like for you to watch Titanic with me.  My husband is going fishing on Saturday, so I could just come up, and we could watch it together."  I agreed. I mean how many people just want your company and nothing more?

Saturday afternoon arrived, and we got settled in to begin watching the movie. Since this was based on an actual (but horrific) story, I was enthralled. Within approximately ten minutes, the world “G__D___M it” was uttered at least four or five times (I didn’t watch it again to count, but you get the point) Each time it was spoken, my heart felt like a dagger was thrust in and then twisted for maximum effect. 

Several days went by, and I was cleaning in my nail shop. I was vacuuming, and the cord wrapped around a glass item, and it dropped to the floor and broke. The very first thing out of my mouth was “G__D___M it!”  I stopped and turned off the vacuum. I stood in silence shocked. Immediately, I knew that this part of my humanness needed to be dealt with. I purposed in my heart from that time on that anytime something caught me off guard, or a sudden burst of anger would surface that I would say out loud  Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus until my flesh calmed down. It took a long, long time, but my flesh finally submitted to the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit until I didn’t need to use that tactic anymore.

Resurrection power.  Those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord have a world of supernatural power available, but the key (and I use that term lightly) is that one must purpose intentionally to allow the Holy Spirit to change you from the inside out. His light will reveal the darkness if you allow it to.

Let the Holy Spirit reign in your heart. Just begin. Some things will take your participation, others will take only His, and still, others will be done for you. Those choices are up to you. But won’t you at least try to be the victor in your life through the blood of Christ that was paid in full for you through His crucifixion and resurrection? 

In Christ alone this Easter,


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Friday, April 05 2019


One of several inflamed issues of our day is abortions. In this blog, I speak not only from experience but from what I believe to be a sound biblical position. America is standing on the side of wrong when addressing abortions, no matter if the abortion is three weeks, twelve weeks, late-term or allowing a baby to die when the actual abortion fails. This is not only a moral issue, for those who claim the term “Christian” but a human rights issue.

The narrative that is being pushed (shoved down throats) currently is one of ignorance. God clearly tells us that His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). We are treading down a road of demonic enticement. “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly (John 10:10).  

It is not as if today I am dying to rehash the mess I went through before turning my heart to the truth of God, but I have been called at this specific time to be an open book so that others can comprehend the weight of what they are believing. Having experienced abortions, it reminded me of a “death camp roundup” where you sit in a huge room with many other women and wait to terminate your pregnancy. I had listened to all those around me who didn’t have a clue about how God perceived a pregnancy and I freely walked into the room and had it sucked out of my womb.  

For anyone who tells you that abortions are just getting rid of a “fleshy blob” or any such other description to make their argument palatable, one must come to terms with the fact that a fetus is a living soul. When I turned to the Lord, I came to understand that abortions were updated environmentally controlled murders that one signed off on. In a very heated almost uncontrollable moment of sobs, the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart and said, “Molly, when is it you think that I place the soul in someone—after it comes out of the womb?”  That one statement cut me like a knife and I knew I had literally, yet unknowingly, killed my children.

Wake-up and smell the coffee America!  If you say you are a professing Christian, then pray and ask God to confirm to you that killing children is alright with Him. And then ask for mercy on your soul.  I did. 


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