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Thursday, May 30 2019

When I was young, two fads that come to mind were Ouija boards and Magic Eightballs. They were the end, all for all of life's answers. The big summertime one was gathering all the neighborhood kids together after dark (because it was scarier!) to conduct séances. 'Yes, let's all talk to the dead.' 'I want to find out where Amelia Earhart is!' 

When I found myself, as a grown adult, with my life "in the toilet," I called a psychic network for guidance. Even though I had grown up in church, I had not been praying or attending for years, and no one had told me that God would have the answers I would ever need. After questioning the phone counselor, trying to get her to commit to guaranteed results if I paid her the required $75.00, I ended up counseling her! Sucker.

Taking everyone else's word for what is going on in your life or this nation has become the status quo. Why would one trust one's life or have their thinking swayed by a stranger? One winces as one listens to the news about another kidnapping, another killing spree (many young children), endless arguing about fetuses and abortions. People from all walks of life are rising in the public arena, saying pretty much anything they believe they can get by with to give one a sense of false hope. The only protection one has in the days ahead are to KNOW, not think, what God says. His truth is conveyed clearly in his Word. It is the truth for all time (because I have walked through and proved it) and is not veiled in some scheme of feel good, get wealthy or entitlement system. Those come from Satan.

Ultimately, each human being is responsible for his/her life. However, each one can assess the truth answers. Isaiah 8:19-20 And when they say to you, "Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter," should not a people seek their God? Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them."

I came to a place where my only choice left was God. I endeavored to seek him with everything in me to discover if he was real. Society is used to talking about fortune tellers, mediums, and psychics. They are held in high regard and are paid tons of money for answers that have no lasting results. God's word is exceedingly clear over and again, people who practice these arts are from the devil and should not be consulted. A medium, psychic, or fortune teller is not from God, and one is not to delve into their rituals whatsoever.      

When you stop to consider the issue, many people don't believe in the afterlife, yet they consult people who talk to the dead who are in the afterlife. Does anyone but me find that a little odd? Be wise how you listen and see life answers because overcoming truth will never be the voice of a fortune teller, psychic, or medium. Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the life that you will ever need.  He is all rolled into one. You won't have to seek any further, but it will be up to you to take the first step towards overcoming victory.

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Friday, May 03 2019

"We the People" have heard enough hate speech stemming from Washington. Someone must stand up and call "a spade a spade."

One cannot continue down a slippery slope of saying anything believing it will be palatable (or believable for that matter) to the American public.  Those that I move around are beginning to stop watching the news or listening to politicians who spew anger. Blaming Donald Trump for every little issue that arises has worn thin, revealing one has no firm agenda.

A battle for this nation's soul is occurring but know this: God is not going to allow this nation to be a socialist or totalitarian country. Those who are espousing this might need to consider moving to a country that will enable this type of existence because "we" will not stand for it.

The United States of America is not a foreign entity. Some of the rhetoric in Congress borders on treason, and if one cannot espouse to the framework of the founding fathers, then why would you have run for Congress?

Elected officials should be a voice of reason for a block of individuals of America, not come to one of the most prestigious offices in this great country with a bucket of chicken touting a moot (Mueller investigation is now officially closed to the tune of 25 million dollars and “we” understand this fact). Frankly, it tells shows that there is little or no passion for the United States and its current issues. The current behavior calls to mind school children fighting on a playground!

God sees, and He is not going to allow this blatant disregard for an elected office to continue for much longer. Brothers and sisters in Christ now is time to fast and pray (as mature adults) on behalf of this nation. Ask God to please expose and extract through election those who do not have this nation's welfare at the center of their hearts.

Moreover, if one is a "religious" person spewing public hatred or making death threats, you are showing your religion for what it is. Who would want to follow that kind of behavior? For those who call upon the name of Jesus Christ (a loving and just God), He does not tout slander, bigotry, hate or play silly childish games while making thousands of dollars, but He does call "spade a spade."


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