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Thursday, April 23 2020

A Taste of Socialism

My Opinion

I hear the echoes of socialism in our nation. If anyone espouses to the Green New Deal or Climate Change know this— our green earth is evolving and culminating precisely the way it is supposed to. Yes, we should be mindful of taking care of our planet but not at the expense of real-life human beings who need help, for instance, the homeless, the hungry, the widows, and the orphans. God help us all if we vote for issues of climate change before the latter matters. There would be no justification except greed and self-seeking for America to pass such legislation spending billions of dollars on anything but tent cities or calling in the National Guard to help secure and house the homeless on the streets of America first.

I have been watching and intently listening to world news. The news pundits, from both sides of the aisles and the glaring opposite opinions, are staggering. We, my friends, are witnessing a move of socialism vs. capitalism.

On Tucker Carlson's Fox News show, which aired on April 22, 2020, the following content was reported. Mayor de Blasio (NYC-D), has enacted a snitch hotline for anyone to tattle (are we in sixth grade?) on unlawful gatherings. He further continued to say if everyone will do this now (call 311) after the coronavirus is over, he will host a ticker-tape parade to honor health workers and first responders (Why not do that anyway?). There was a tweet from Ross Barkan on April 21, 2020, that stated, "In November 1918, San Francisco celebrated the end of the Spanish Flu. The Flu came back in January, nearly doubling the death toll. If Bill de Blasio stages a parade in 2020, he will kill people."

Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) of Los Angeles was on CNN on March 27, 2020, and touted obey or be hunted. In other words, do as I say or else! Studies have now concluded that the virus was widespread in LA despite lockdown efforts and that, according to Dr. John Ioannidis, Stanford Professor of Medicine, that 5.6 percent of adults in LA County have had the coronavirus. Finally, there is one more Governor (D) who is taking a hard look at using drones for offenders of crowd gatherings with heat sensors that can determine temperatures. Really?

Our country was founded on godly principals, as much as the so-called liberal values want to negate that fact. Secondly, America is a free-market society, which means that there are rich, middle income, less fortunate, and the very poor among us. This nation is God's design. One must be mindful of what God tells us in that He tests the mind and heart (Jeremiah 17:10). How do you think He does that? He is watching to see tangible actions of those who call upon His name in helping those who are less fortunate and desperately need our helping hands and pocketbooks.

We hear what a socialistic nation would be comprised of –wanting the money(all of it) to place where it wishes, having you sit on welfare checks begging for bread from the government and holding total control. That is what you are witnessing taking place in this nation right now. If you vote for Joe Biden and whatever socialist running mate (make no mistake, it will be someone he needs to fill his gap in a demographic/ ethnic area "to take Trump down"), they will undo everything that President Trump has accomplished. Your religious freedoms will be squashed, and the right to work for yourself and be a millionaire if you can be (if it is in your cards) would be removed-no gun rights. A capitalistic nation would be gone. The economic backdrop would be worse than you could imagine. Not all espouse to the draconian measures touted, but for those who are coming from a place of thwarting the American values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, be aware.

Stand up, have belief in God Almighty, fast, pray, do what the Holy Spirit is telling you and of course regarding the rule of law, always follow the rule of law, but fight for your freedom!

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