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Friday, August 27 2021

Kabul, Afghanistan

The Old Testament is sown together with stories of great evil and defeat, but then God divinely intervenes. These stories are greater in weight than any famous or beloved comic book story you could ever dream up; what is more, they are real. One has not truly "lived Jesus" until they have read about our icons in the faith, their journies, and overcoming belief in a righteous God. Truly, from Genesis to Revelation, it is the greatest story ever told. Humanity rebels, sins, and is redeemed. But, the horrific story we, most of us anyway, have seen play out on the world stage is not over yet. And then, God! My Redeemer lives.

I have been praying, fasting, and holding the Kabul Airport and Afghanistan situation up to the Lord these past days, as I know, many of you have. Afghan and American civilians look to the strong arm of America to help save them, no matter how they got to their current position in the world. America stands for liberty in every sense of the word. Still, sadly freedom is not what is being touted politically. Instead, a "strong-arm" of doing it our way or no way (Washington) has placed many in danger, and I mean a deadly threat that most will never experience.

I asked God to do something. I said, “Send one angel and wipe out this heinous ideology playing out through the Taliban, ISIS, and various factions in the Middle East. After all, in 2 Kings 19:35, one angel was sent to wipe out 185,000 Assyrian soldiers.” That is my passion for good versus evil speaking. But, fortunately, my spirit man (I am trying to have some godly reason at this time) tells me that God controls this situation. He has allowed this military and political blunder to occur for His greater purpose. One must understand that freedom is never free and that the souls who were lost who knew Him as Lord and Savior hold a place at the King's Table for eternity. No one knows precisely how many have given their lives yet, but the count is, so far, 90 killed, 150 injured, 13 American servicemen. God bless their families.

My heart grieves for the military who now serve in Congress who live by the "No man left behind" rule and want to put boots on the ground and go clean up this mess. What courage and conviction! If only they were in charge. If only we had a government that felt this way.

On the cusp of September 11, 2001, how could an American President look into a camera and tell Americans that we are assured the Taliban is doing the right thing (they are helping us!) as we watch war crimes unfold? Who drank this Kool-Aid? Honestly? God help us all because only God can get us out of this mess of loss of precious lives of men, women, and children. And you know what the big kicker is? It didn't have to happen at all.

I know my Redeemer lives, and no matter what anyone does, He will serve up justice to each and every person. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Hebrews 10:31, NIV).


Charles E. Weller said, "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country."

Stand up and be the change.

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