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Friday, October 09 2009

Luke 17:5 And the apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.”



Lately, as I have been out and about doing the Lord’s business, I have noticed a common thread in people’s conversation and what they express is a lack of faith.  Even the men closest to Jesus asked Him to increase their faith. 


We all need a shot of pure, undiluted faith right now.  When I first started my walk with Christ, I was privileged to listen to someone talk about faith whose actions had proven his faith.  My heart is grieved as I listen to well-meaning people who do believe that Jesus died for them, but have no idea what their inheritance is as a child of God.  I don’t hear faith coming from His children’s mouths.  It is time to go to the Father and ask Him to “Increase your faith.” 


I have been privileged to pray for people with deadly illnesses and they have recovered.  I always had the faith to believe the Holy Spirit would move through me so that they could be healed, set free or delivered.  I never doubted in my heart that what or who He had me pray for would come to pass… NEVER.  Only the anointing of the Holy Spirit working through me allowed these victories.  I have never been able to do anything on my own.


Now, in the beginning of my walk with Christ, I would pray and stand on my faith.  If any doubt would creep into my heart, I would stand against those so-called arrows that would fly into my head after I prayed causing me to not believe.  I always took authority over those arrows and cast them down in Jesus’ name, not coming off my confession and what I knew to be the truth.  I didn’t doubt with my mouth….When the Holy Spirit tells me to move in a certain direction or produce anything for the Kingdom, I just do it.  You have to believe all the way in order to receive. 


Luke 18:7-8


In the scripture above, God tells us that He will avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him…but when the Son of Man comes, He asks if He will really find faith on the earth.


Do you really believe that God can heal you?  Do you really believe that you can have a better state of existence?  Do you really believe that God allows things to happen to you for your own good, or are you sour towards Him?  Do you really believe He is a just God?  Do you really believe that He can give you just as much faith as the great faith healers of our time?  The God kind of faith?  Do you believe you can possess the faith to move a mountain?  Well, do you?


NOW is the time to decide what you want with God as His child because if you are defeated in any area of your life, then my question to you is:  Where is your faith?


FAITH- The FIRM Assurance In The Holy One


It is time for you to know what you believe and then believe what you know.. it is way past time...



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