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Tuesday, December 22 2009

Christmas 2009



I want to share a couple of observations and then ask a question.


First, as I walk around listening to others talk I hear such negative things coming out of their mouths that it brings me to tears. 


Second, I know that there are some who believe in a virgin Christmas baby.  They buy presents galore to celebrate the holiday, but then don’t seem to believe in a Christmas Savior who was born to grow up, bringing the healing, delivering power of our God….WHY?


I have tangibly seen the providing power of Jesus Christ, yet my heart is truly grieved this year, as I see people I have known who never seem to find the same resurrection power that God has shown to me.


I wanted to be healed, settled in my life, have stability in all areas of my life and I am left wondering, do you want these same things?  Clearly, the things that I have been able to attain are not just desired by me.  I have truly sought after a better way of life; the life God ordained for me from the beginning of time.  Surely, others want these things for their life as well.  My heart sinks as I see people in the same messes they were in years ago and I am left to wonder what in the world is going on.


As I reach out this year to others with the hands of our Savior, I thank God He loved me enough to draw me to Him and give me the understanding that He is so much more than a baby in a manger.  He is so much more than any chaotic situation you have going on in your life and He is the ONLY one who can help you.  If you have money or health issues, or lack in any area of your life, He is the source of your help for any issues or problems facing you… you know of Him in this way? 


This year, if I had only one thing I could tell to others, it would be this:   kneel at the Cross and tell God everything that you are going through.  Stay there until you get it all out, even if it takes everything out of you.  Stay there through your tears and sobbing.  Stay there and explain to Him what you are thinking.  Stay there until there is nothing left on your heart and then get up, shut up and listen for the Lord.  If you will go to Him with an honest, pure heart and motive, there is nothing He won’t do for you.  Pour yourself out to the only one who can give you it all.


Get Him out of that manger and off that Cross.  See Him in your mind as seated at the right hand of the Father, interceding for you.  Listen to the voice of experience.  If you want help, this will be the only thing that will change what is going on in your life.  



Jesus came to all of us, not just Molly Painter.   

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