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Tuesday, January 26 2010

I want to address Haiti.  I have had something mulling around in my spirit for the last few days and need to get it out.


I was speaking about the devastation in Haiti to a family member the other day and they said, “I don’t think God would allow something like this to happen.”  Well, He has indeed allowed it to happen and God (who knows every sparrow who falls to the ground) is fully aware of what is going on there.  For reasons known only to the Father, this has been allowed to take place.  


As I walk around and listen, I hear that most have no clue who their Father in heaven is on the whole.  Our Father commanded the very first king ever, Saul, (who was brought into power because the people wanted someone they could physically see to rule over them- 1 Samuel 15) to go and literally wipe out every Amalekite (man, woman, infant, nursing child, ox, sheep, camel and donkey) due to them coming against Israel, His chosen nation.  This took place thousands of years ago and due to the fact it happened in the Old Testament, many would think this story is irrelevant.  You have to understand that Christ’s atoning work on the Cross did not negate the nature of our Father in Heaven.  But what it did allow was GRACE to save us (thank God). Many times I have said that I needed to fall prostrate on the floor in thanks to Jesus for dying for me because I know my sins deserved nothing less than death.  And I know that His very BLOOD has kept me here today. 


Since God commanded utter destruction to take place, what would make anyone think He would not allow this earthquake and subsequent aftershocks to happen?  Yes, God would and did allow this to occur for reasons known wholly to Him.  God is a wonderful God and Father but He is a just God and will discipline when necessary.  WE must remember that God sees what we cannot and that He alone is the judge…there is no other.  We have to be able to accept His judgment so that hearts will turn to Him.  God’s plan is the only plan that truly matters and His will is going to be done whether we agree with what He has done or not.


Is God being unfair?  No.  God is NEVER unjust.  We, as a people, are reaping what has been sown whether we realize it or not.  Whether by Satan’s hand or God allowing this to take place, we have to accept the fact that God created us all and He alone says who, what, when, where and how.   Just because this has been allowed to take place, does that mean that we do nothing?  No.  Moved by the Holy Spirit, we help, give, and rebuild. 


Susan Gahan is one of five individuals who began Jesuswithoutthejunk.  Her son-in- law, Adam Foushee, is a Captain Pilot with marine squadron 461 and has been sent to Haiti with the ship the USS Bataan.He will be there for a month helping and his comment was, “There are dead bodies everywhere.” 

Susan said that yesterday (26th) he flew 36,000 tons of food and water to different drop zones…can you imagine?   I would ask for your prayers for him as he endeavors each day (and they are long ones) to help deliver basic necessities of what I know I have even at times taken for granted.  Adam has left his wife and young child who weighed 1lb 14 oz at birth who now is a healthy young child to serve others, tirelessly giving his time, special gifts, and abilities to help his brothers and sisters abroad. 


I ask for your prayers also for this ministry and the road we have to travel up ahead, which I know will not only be long but deadly serious.  God has called us to tell the truth no matter what others think because God’s children are perishing for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).  I would ask you to seek God’s face and pray how the Holy Spirit leads you. 


You know, I grew up looking most days at a little statue that was in my brother’s bedroom that said:  He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.  Let us not curse the people who have been rocked by devastation.  Instead, let us pray, give and help them, remembering we are not the judge.


Jesuswithoutthejunk has sown a total of $800.00 for the cause in Haiti.  $500.00 went to a ministry who feeds orphans around the world, including Haiti.  The other $300.00 was sown into Samaritan’s Purse with the funds going directly into the Haiti effort.  We will gladly accept donations for the need of Haiti and place it into hands that use the funds directly for the Haiti relief effort.  Every cent you give will go solely for this purpose.  You have my word.  You may earmark your money and I will personally take care of getting it to hands of those who will use it for the people.  In every mission outreach I have undertaken that has always been a pet peeve of mine.  If money is given for a specific purpose then it needs to be used exactly for that and nothing else.


God bless us everyone because we need it.


God, our Lord, please have mercy on our souls. Pray for the souls of the people everywhere because whether we know it or not we all need Jesus Christ.




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