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Friday, May 25 2012


When you listen to Christians talk, you hear different beliefs being espoused and as a result, what we say and how we carry ourselves are at times in contradiction to what is in the Word of God.  One major thing I have learned in my own walk with Christ is that unfortunately, you cannot make the truth palatable.  However, the truth is the truth all the time; it never changes. 

I tuned in to a popular nighttime show last week and caught the interview of a young woman who stated she was raised in a Christian home.  She went on to say she believed in gay marriage and was for abortion, stating that a person’s body was theirs and they had the right to do whatever they wanted with it.  And I do believe others have the right to do what they want with their bodies but it is my job to get you the pure, undiluted truth of what the Gospel says.

If anyone who is a proclaimed Christian believes in abortion and are for men and women marrying their own sex, it tells me clearly that they have not been exposed to the nature of God.  The Bible clearly stipulates God’s feeling on both these issues.  The Bible teaches it is a commandment not to commit murder.  I was given revelation from the Holy Spirit in regard to a human’s soul.  He clearly spoke to me (as I was repenting for my abortions) and stated, “Molly, when do you think I put the soul in a person, after they come out of the womb?”  You can rearrange the Word of God any way you want in order for your conscience not to feel convicted, but nowhere in God’s Word does he say abortion or for that matter gay marriage are His choices.  Search these two critical issues for yourselves. Exposure to what is in the Word of God coupled with prayer (to the source) is necessary to clearly make a true and unbiased stand for what you do believe as a follower of Christ.         


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