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Tuesday, July 29 2014

This morning, after a prayer meeting, my agenda had listed on it several things that had to be accomplished today.  One of them was to deliver flyers to several local churches making them aware of the 2nd Annual “Heart of Hope” Run for Hunger (September 13th @ 8:00 am).  So, I hopped into my car and headed for the first destination.

 I drove to a local body of believer’s (Lutheran) that had showed up in full support of the 2013 Run and wanted to give them a heads up as to the date, time and particulars of this year’s event.  I walked into the office and asked for the Pastor and was told he was not in.  I handed a couple of flyers to the secretary explaining the reason for my drop by. 

There was a little girl standing there who could not have been more than eight years old who hovered around the secretary so I assumed it was her daughter.  Her head was shaved (completely bald).  She appeared sickly, yet had the most gorgeous blue eyes and dearest face that gazed back at me.  I wondered what was wrong.   My eyes were fixed on her face as I began to tell the two ladies the details.  (This type of occurrence was totally out of character for me.  Eye contact is essential anytime I speak to someone.)   After I finished telling them what I had to say, I stood around a little longer to have a few laughs over some of silly things that had taken place at lasts year’s run.  Then, without really thinking, I paused and asked the little girl what her name was.  She replied, “Anna.”  I said, “Well, Anna, I want to give you a hug.”  I walked towards her with open arms, wrapped them tight around her, laid my hands upon her dear head and prayed, “Jesus I ask that you bless Anna.” 

I walked out of the church office and as usual the Holy Spirit began to place upon my heart what I needed to learn from this morning.  As I drove away I wondered why we can’t just love one another without all of the other junk.  Why is it so important to adults to cause division, always thinking that they are in the right?  Why can’t we just get along with one another?  Why do we have to have such dissentions about seemingly small issues when so many suffer so much? 

Sometimes I wish someone would just stand up and say, “For the common good, tell me why you are so angry about this and thus and let me love you through it.  Tell me why you feel so wronged and let me put my arms around you and just love on you.  Let me allow you to vent because I sense that not many people really listen to what you have to say.  What hurts you so much that you feel that you cannot let something go and just be a part of the greater common good?  Let me, let me…”  We, (especially believers), have to know that lashing out with words is not beneficial to the greater good causing hurt feelings, bad situations and most importantly it drives those away from us that might otherwise have come to us for advice, help or friendship. 

Anna.  Every time you think you have a “bone to pick” with someone and want to lash out remember Anna.  In the whole big picture of life our little fusses that cause so much pain, breath and heartache mean nothing.  And lastly, remember that we might very well feel that we have a “just cause.”  And we very well might.  But, always step back and pray before voicing it out loud to the only one who can change any given situation.  Take a good, hard, cold look at the circumstance (that is needling you) from every side and angle (honestly) knowing that it does you no good to only look through your perspective.  Look through the eyes of God and then ask Him to reveal to you the truth.   


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