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Saturday, November 08 2014

                  I was always ( for most of my life) ready and willing to give an excuse for why or why not I could or could not do something.  After turning to God for help, when I really believed in my heart that I had no option left, my life gradually began to turn.  I was thirty-nine when I asked God to show me He was really real.  From that very moment everything began to change, but I thought (believed) I had no options left that were available and that is the only reason I fully turned to God.   In my mind's eye I could almost imagine a life of such defeat, if I did not choose Christ, that I would not be able to get out of bed each day.   

                 You see, I wanted a do over in life and from all accounts I have received one.  History always shows the truth of any matter and my life is no exception.  I can clearly see that God has literally (with my participation mind you) taken my life and moved so mightily that it would be mighty darn hard to refute that the God of the Bible is really real.  I have had to swallow so many hard pills, of truth, that I did not want to face.  The journey I have had to live through has been anything but easy.  Only heaven will ever know the true extent of how hard this has truly been.  But, most of the time, I have kept my head up, placed a smile on my face, when I was dying on the inside, and brushed myself off, picked myself up and have kept on going.  I never quit!  For any of you who have read my testimony via the Website, Jesus Without the, you understand by what I have written that my walk has been a very unusual occurrence.  This Sunday, November 9th 2014, I will ordained at First Baptist Church of Carolina Beach into Gospel Ministry.  I did not go back to school until very late in life and many will view me as being a “Johnny come lately.” But according to God's clock I am right on time.  

                I finally came to realize that I had only ONE person to please in this life and it was not any man.  So, with all of that being said, never discount what God has placed deep inside of your heart for it very well may be the one thing He would like to use (through you) for His glory.  But, know this:  you will have to be the one to step out in faith to discover what He has for you.  Stop making excuses.  Excuse is from the enemy that is very calculatedly designed to keep you where you are instead of attaining the very best that God has waiting.  My thought process always was ‘if it isn’t going to harm someone do it.  If it doesn’t work at least I tried.’

If you are interested, I have posted below the write up that appeared in the First Baptist monthly letter — 

Much love this weekend,


Lighthouse Monthly Newsletter

On Wednesday, Oct. 15, the church voted by majority vote to ordain Ms. Molly Painter to the work of Gospel Ministry.  The vote came after Molly’s Ordination Council made the following recommendation:  “Dear First Baptist Church of Carolina Beach, after thoroughly examining Ms. Molly Painter in regards to her Christian conversion, ongoing Christian experience, spiritual giftedness, sense of calling to Gospel Ministry, understanding of and commitment to the Word of God, theological and doctrinal convictions, philosophy of ministry, and practical applications of ministry, this Ordaining Council recommends that First Baptist Church of Carolina Beach proceed in ordaining Ms. Molly Painter to the work of Gospel Ministry.  In Christian Service, Dr. Jimmy Brown, Dr. Gordon Wright, Jr., Rev. Alicia Porterfield, Rev. Mike Womble, Mr. Fred Underwood, Mr. Tom Campbell, Mr. Ben Yarborough, Ms. Jeannie Arnold, Mrs. Jennie Gaskell, Ms. Shirley James, Mrs. Julie Pinkston.”  By ordaining Molly, our church affirms her in her ministry endeavors.  Everyone plan on coming to Molly’s Ordination Service on Sunday, Nov. 9 at 7 pm to express your support and encouragement.

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