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Wednesday, November 26 2014

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and all throughout the house the aroma of pies and cakes are intoxicating to say the least!

The food is prepared with the utmost of care, for relatives and friends are coming, it’s time to put on Thanksgiving airs!

The doorbell rings and I hear knocking at the door.  Big ones, small ones, older ones, and furry ones cross the threshold in groups or in pairs, what excitement they bring!

Eventually, everyone gathers together, beside the fireplace, for it has been snowing for the past few days.  We sip on our eggnog savoring each sip slowly, laughing out loud as our stories of past holidays are exchanged.  Our hearts are warmed in many, many ways.

The moment arrives to encircle the tables, which have been laden with the best china and silverware, to partake in the feast that has been so carefully prepared.  We stop to gaze at one another with a knowing inside that tells us to give thanks, first, to God Almighty, for what He has so abundantly provided.  Truly, it is a banquet fit for a king!  

“Thank you Father, thank you Lord, for all that you have done to make this day together with family and friends a time of joy, and hope, and caring; a time of love.  Thank you, Lord, for this abundance.  Thank you, Lord, for each morning having a chance for a new beginning.  We love you and give you all the thanks, in Jesus’ holy name.” Amen.

The prayer ends as we all reach for our linen napkins placing them on our laps just so.  The food is temptation to say the least!  The dishes are filled with savory food, which begin to be passed, when a little voice interrupts our concentration to say, “Wait, please, I have one more prayer to make.”  The adults look from one to another puzzled, but, and with a little apprehension, give JC the floor.  He begins very softly to say, “God, we thank you that you came to die for our souls.  We pray for all of the people who do not have anyone this day and for those who have no food to eat.  We ask that you please send someone to help them in their time of need.  And God, please give us peace in Jesus’ name.” Amen.  Then, he adds, “Let’s eat!”

We all sit for a moment to take in what has been said.  Our eyes look from one to another, in amazement, not wanting to break the silence.  How did a five-year old pray such a prayer?  Then, with a realization inside the very quiet room, the understanding settled upon us all.  It does make a difference to teach our children about their Father who is in heaven and we must begin at home.  

God, we thank you for having mercy upon our souls this Thanksgiving Day and pray peace, love, and hope to all of those who are crying out for a better way of life.  Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Much love,


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