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Friday, January 23 2015

                Recently, I have been reminded of a very basic aspect of “walking with the Lord” in this earth.  Years ago, I was working at a health food store, and this particular store contained over 2500 vitamins!  Having been hired directly from my cash register at Fool Lion I was thrilled to be working as a full-time employee.  It was yet another stepping stone whereby the Holy Spirit was (trying) to teach me the ways of the Lord for my life.

                The store had to be kept clean and the shelves had to continually be wiped.  As I was doing my job that day (and of course, believing I had a call of God upon my life this was a menial task to me, at that time), the Holy Spirit (and who else could it have been?) spoke to my heart and said, “If Jesus were sitting back in the office actually managing this store would you be wiping around those bottles stacked on those shelves?”   I thought, ‘Of course, I wouldn’t!’  Then, it occurred to my heart (and mind) that if Jesus really were sitting in the back office, and I had to answer to him for the job I had done, I would be taking ALL of the vitamin bottles off the shelf, wiping them down (so they sparkled) and then replacing them in neat little rows so straight that they would appear as if a ruler had been used to do it (and that is what I did).  “The quarter turn shift” is what I call the process that the Holy Spirit has used (on me) for years to accomplish the character changes HE wants to see through me.  My thinking had to be adjusted in order that I would appreciate the job I had just been given and the mere fact that He really is watching me.

                If we profess Christ as Lord, then we really do owe Him not only our allegiance, but we owe Him our best.  When we walk into a store, a room, a church building, we need to let others experience the fact that Jesus has been there and is working on the inside of us.  Do something: straighten the books, the chairs, fluff the pillows, or wash the dishes without being asked.   Enter and leave a room in better shape than when you first arrived.   Let others KNOW that Jesus has been there.  It is one massive way we show Him to the world and our sphere of influence.  It isn’t just about preaching or teaching it is the most basic of attributes of Him:  Servant hood.

                Do everything “as unto the LORD” and see if others do not start noticing you differently.   Don’t just SPEAK about Jesus DO Jesus.  And if you do not think Jesus would stoop to do anything so menial, and then remember Him washing the disciples’ feet.  Humble yourself before His mighty hand and see if others do not start to notice you differently.  And don’t worry about what everyone else is doing; you do what you are being told.  We don’t get to heaven “two by two.”   If you really want success in your earthly life, then you do everything as unto the Lord and see if changes do not start to begin. 

God bless you,

Much love,

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