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Tuesday, June 26 2018

Hate Spewing

Calling “a spade a spade” is crucial for enlightenment, but citizens of America are stepping way over the red line of that God-given feature. We the people, believers in Christ, are to take the high road through positive words, actions, and deeds. How else can those outside of the kingdom know the difference of what it means to follow Christ? We must not stoop to name calling. Clearly heard is backbiting, gossip and unverifiable truth. God does not honor that type of behavior (Galatians 6:7, NKJV). Yelling at others in public settings, cursing at them in front of cameras, and challenging them to dare stop you citing First Amendment rights, for me, is just a world gone mad! Don’t we understand how the enemy of our souls is winning?

One must be ever active regarding exposing truths but must accomplish this art with mercy coupled with compassion in the times in which one finds themselves in history. When you do kneel before the Lord to answer for what you have done (and all of us will one day), will you come before Him with a history filled with denigrating others by spewing anger and hate? Yes, Christians need to call out the truth exposing bias, but not at the cost of giving God a “black eye.” In my lifetime, I have never witnessed a country so divided over basic human rights. Both sides of the coin must be scrutinized, yet there does not seem to even be a trying to come together for the greater good.

America was birthed as a democracy. Yes, there have been many growing pains and much bloodshed (slavery to name one of the biggest atrocities of all time) that have brought this nation to where we are at this moment in time, but there were always those people who stood up to turn the tide of injustices back to God and His ways. George Washington prayed for guidance, Abraham Lincoln prayed for wisdom. This country continues to stand as a beacon on a hill as a capitalistic government by its very design.

Now is the time for the remnant of God in this generation to stand up for justice but in a peaceable, intelligent, and compassionate manner. If one takes a hard look at this country’s history and its elected officials, one sees a pattern of the teeter-totter effect. Liberalism vs. Traditional values. To be elected to Washington, having an opportunity to be a voice of change for a constituent base should be an honor. Becoming wealthy from this positional platform should be against the law. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are doled out to adults to be a vote for a block of individuals, and yet there only seems to be a consensus for continual bantering.  What has America come to, I ask you? 

Spiritual things must be spiritually discerned. Wake up, America, before it is too late. The battle faced today is between good (God) and evil (the forces of darkness, Satan) the likes of which we have not witnessed. It is real. Wake up, children of the Highest God (not the God of self), for no man or woman can stand against the living God. Repent and turn so that God can heal this nation before it’s too late. 


Manners matter. Clearly, the days of Donna Reed and Father Knows Best are long gone.

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