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Monday, November 12 2018

A heartwarming story of love…

I had the honor of joining the sweetest two people in marriage recently. I do not usually talk about others in this manner, but they certainly needed to have this little story told as a memorial to God and the everyday little ways in which He moves.

They had booked my services months in advance of their wedding. I have always believed that people should know the person who will help seal their vows, so we met one Saturday right after I had just married another couple. At the local McDonald’s, I got to introduce myself and gather any information about them that I might need. It was not too long into our conversation that they decided to procure my services for their special day.

To give you a glimpse into this couple and truly where their hearts are, I received an email from them when hurricane Florence was getting ready to hit Wilmington. They asked if I was alright and told me that if I needed a place to go that I was welcome in their home. This was two months prior to the ceremony, so the invitation seemed true to what I had perceived as their loving natures from the very beginning.

The big day arrived. The morning of the ceremony, through prayer, it was placed in my heart to take my Bible and place their wedding rings on it as a symbol of their foundation of Christ. As I took my place as Reverend, I happened to notice a yellowed Bible (the older type with a zipper) lying on one of the chairs.  I asked the Mistress of Ceremonies whose it was, and she said it was the Bride’s grandmothers.  Immediately, I knew I had to use that special one in the ceremony. It was if it had been chosen by God and could not have been more meaningful for the couple. 

Fast forward to the following day (Sunday). The bride texted me at 11:44 pm that evening (I picked up the message the following morning!) with this dear story that must be “said (instead of pay it) forward.” Let me recount it for you—

Ok, so this just happened.  We are on the way back from the beach after getting married. We stopped in Whiteville at Hardee’s. There was an elderly lady in there eating alone in her Sunday dress with a beautiful fake rose pinned to her shirt. I went out to the car to get her a single rose from the wedding just because I thought it would make her happy. I ended up pulling out three long-stemmed roses. I walked to her table and said,” Ma’am sorry to interrupt your lunch but we just got married and are traveling home.” I handed her the roses and I told her to enjoy them. She was speechless (but only for a second!).  She grabbed my hand, looked over at the counter where Ed was waiting on our food and said, “Is that your husband?”  I replied, “Yes Ma’am.”  “Bring him over here,” she said.  She stood up and grabbed both of our hands and said, “My name is _____and I am a minister.  I am going to pray for the strength and lasting bond of your marriage.”  And together standing in the middle of Hardee’s the three of us prayed!  She thanked me for the roses and said the reason I gave her three roses represented the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit!  She had no idea I was only intending to bring her the one single rose I went to get.    I had no idea why I grabbed three! I do now!  Thank you, Lord, for the way you show yourself daily!  Being kind is easy but the “gifts and inner blessings” you gain are priceless.”

Need I say any more?  God bless you all as you go throughout this next week and remember that God is always on the move.  His wheels are ever searching to show up for those whose hearts are softened to hear from Him.

Love your week in Christ and keep your chin up for God is still on the throne!



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