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Friday, March 29 2019

The news is out. The Trump campaign, according to Robert Mueller, did not collude with Russia in trying to tip the 2016 Presidential election. There is no evidence that anyone tried to “secretly” turn America into a Russian country through back door rendezvous.

How can we be certain that Donald Trump did not try to “fix” the election? First, he is a patriot. Anyone who watches him or listens to his heart can tell that. You can fool the people some of the time, but you cannot fool them for extended periods without slip-ups. Secondly, he is a Christian who is saved, and for general information, a truly saved individual is constantly being worked on by the Holy Spirit for the better. None, I dare say, are perfect. We all have backyards that need weeds pulled out of. Thirdly, he was God’s choice for the oval office. How can I be so certain? A group of evangelicals was sent to Trump Tower to pray over/for him and to convey that God needed a man who would stand up to the corrupt dealings in Washington, D.C.  

Did he cozy up to Putin for selfish gain? Mr. Trump is a “one on one” builder and knows that to effect change relationships must be carved out. Being able to trust another at their word, in Mr. Trump’s heart, is invaluable to do successful business. He understands that the only way to accomplish this is to begin a conversation. If one is a praying Christian at all, the Holy Spirit bears witness that Mr. Trump is not only a “work in progress” just as we all are, but his actions are proving that he is trying to keep his campaign promises while fighting against Washington all the way. This concrete evidence is invaluable for those who are taking him at his word.

Now fast forward through this week and the report from Mueller. We didn’t hear a whole lot for day one or two, but then the narrative began:  Obstruction of justice and there was most certainly collusion. After two years and millions of dollars, the left has decided that Mueller was wrong, and Donald Trump certainly colluded with Russia.

I believe that God has heard enough, had enough and will exonerate Donald Trump. It is a travesty to have spent all this money on a hoax that was perpetrated and paid for by the Democrats to steal the oval office.  Really?  Do you realize that all that money could have properly housed, in at least a tent city, those in California who are living on streets in squalor?  How about all the children that go hungry right in America? Shame on us! 

I am for term limits on elected officials, not only at the local level but in our highest offices.  Career politicians who seem to have lost a sense of right and wrong must come to an end.  Making thousands of dollars, having all the perks of the wealthy and continually stirring up trouble and hatred needs to be over. Congress was established to legislate not continue to berate the President of the United States. We are supposed to be one nation under God instead of divided political parties.

God promises in Isaiah 54:9 that He would never flood the earth again. He did this due to their out-of-control sin/lives. I wonder what He is thinking now?        

When you must lie to get others to follow you, something is wrong. It reminds me of Pontus Pilate who when he said, “What is truth” (John ch.18)?  Jesus did not kill, beat, steal or cheat, but because Pilate feared an uprising on his watch, he had him crucified anyway.  He would not stand up for the truth of the matter.  

Have we honestly come to this in America?

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