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Friday, June 27 2008



Minus  Or Positive

    _                +


Every time I look at a minus sign, I feel negative.  I think of taking something away...from me.  Every time I look at a plus sign, I think of good things and stuff added to me.  There are two ways of looking at this life we have and we are either going to look at it as “the glass half full” or “the glass half empty”.  But, you might be saying, Molly, you don’t know what has happened to me in my life; I have a right to be negative.  Well, I know that bad stuff happens to all of us but I also know it is up to us and the way we look at things which will determine the outcome of our lives…


These statements are typical of us as humans.  Why doesn’t anything happen for me? Why are you making me do this?  How come everybody else gets to do it but me?  How come you prosper them and not me?  Why? Why? Why? Why don’t you help me?  Why does my husband do what he is doing?  Why don’t you make him stop?  Why aren’t my children better?  Why are they all messed up?  Why does my wife complain all the time?   Whine,Whine,Whine,Whine,Whine (not Wine!)….Complain, complain, complain, complain ……


Years ago, the Holy Spirit woke me up about 2:30 a.m.  How did I know the time?  I have always been aware of time especially when I know I have to get up early to begin my day. I was still somewhat groggy, being half in and half out of a conscience state and the thought that kept playing over and over in my mind was, In the beginning was the Word.  The Word became flesh and dwelt among them. (John 1:14)  Over and over the same exact phrase kept going through my mind.  I said, “What are you trying to tell me?”  The reply was, “Molly, the Word became flesh and dwelt among you.  Your words are alive and you are dwelling among what you are speaking.”  Well, it hit me like a knife as it always does when God is trying to tell me something.


Here I was trying to follow Jesus and do what I thought He was telling me to do but I was missing it!  How could that possibly be?  I was practically giving every breath to the church, to the children, to people I encountered everyday….I would pray, fast, offer, tithe, rebuke, cast out… how could this be happening to me?  But I knew it.  I just knew it…I wasn’t moving along as fast as I thought I should in God’s plan for my life and the problem wasn’t everybody else, it was me. Bummer!


So, now what?  Well, I just let it sink in the rest of the day but I knew that I was the problem. My mouth and my attitude were the problems and this had nothing to do with God.  I knew that God had formed the world with words and I knew they were powerful….and my attitude… well, I had become bitter because of the things that had happened to me…  


Now I know Proverbs 18:21 states that life and death are in the power of the tongue. What I was speaking out from a sour attitude had an effect on what was happening to me.  The God I know is a God of changes but you have to do your part…He is not going to do for you what you can do for yourself. 


We need to sit up and take account for our lives.  We might well have had hurts and pains..I have but I have a God who is big enough who will help me overcome them “If I am willing.”  Trying to follow Jesus is not a cakewalk if you really want to follow Him… but it is so worth it.  Don’t be hardheaded like I was and think that your words and your attitude don’t matter.  Look at your life..and I mean really look at it honestly if you can.  Look where you are dwelling and see if you need some help.   


I have already lived in defeat and I can tell you I have made the effort to correct my mouth and my attitude and the Holy Spirit helps me everyday so I can be a winner in this earth..right here and right now….


As for being sour in your attitude, it is your choice…what do you want?  Do you want something different than you have right now?  Don’t you want to be happy?  It is up to you….stop whining and do something about it…..


Which one of these (-  Or +) do you want to be remembered as?  The choice is before you.







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