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Sunday, January 10 2021

Psalm 37

My Ten Cents Worth.

Today's post is an interactive one. You have to do your part by reading Psalm 37. I was given this specific Psalm by the Holy Spirit yesterday morning in prayer. One important (concrete) factor I have learned with God over the past twenty-three years: If I do my part, God always does His part. Now, to be clear, God is not Santa Claus or sits in heaven ready to loose a new home, car or give you a "100 fold return" on an offering that you provide for His work. But in His divine nature, He does hear the faithful, earnest cries (prayers) of His children and, due to this nature, responds in some manner. Like you, I have been miffed over the past week's events, no matter how one looks at it.

My emotions, most of my life, were either high or low. I was always too quick to jump to conclusions. I learned to incorporate the 24-hour patch test with the Holy Spirit to help my roller coaster ride. I color my hair, and the store-bought boxes tell you to try a test patch to see if the color is compatible with your skin type. The instructions tell you to wait for 24-hours, after the test, before fully processing. Now, for someone who always knew best, I didn't have time to wait. Twenty-four hours? No way! I jumped and did everything my way, no matter what or who my speech or actions affected. It was a frustrating way to function. It never got me anywhere positive, and I always felt frustrated and angry. After I began to learn about God and His ways, I (step by step) learned to get my flesh under the control of my spirit-man and what a difference the 24-hour patch test made in my reactions.

My question for those who say they follow Christ is: Where is your mercy? And where is your grace?

With life events and the circus that took place this past week, I went to the Lord with my heart in turmoil. Once again, I knew the 24-hour patch test had to be incorporated. I also did my research, and in the times we live in, why aren't we doing more of our own research before jumping? The hatred and spewing of vile comments and "hang him" lynch mob was uncalled for. Within 24 hours, the truth began to spill out. Antifa and BLM were embedded in the crowds that came to Washington to stand for truth, justice, and righteousness. Did anyone happen to see the children with parents? They believed they were doing the right thing to stand for their country. One (or a cluster) of bad apples seem to always ruin the bunch.

Beginning the last week in January 2021, I will start to teach (The forum now is uncertain, but I will be visible somewhere!) in a "simple and clear" way the truths of our God, based on what He says, not what CNN, FOX (so disappointed in them), MSNBC, and other news outlets say. Yes, one must stay informed to be useful, but if one bases their worldview only on what secular outlets tout, we will continue to be outraged. Our spirits will never mature into the things God has prepared for us since the beginning of time. It is a maturation that is coming in the body this year, specifically that we might rise and defeat the enemies of God.

But for today, take heart and read Psalm 37 this morning. Allow it to give you a greater understanding of the nature of our Father in heaven and bring solace to your soul.



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