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Friday, February 19 2021

Me, Me and Me!

By Susan Gahan

I want to share something with you all. I have had a "me" problem. I had a revelation from God last week, and He was talking directly to me. God is sick of hearing me, me, and me. I found as I would pray that everything went back to poor me. It was either about me at work, me at home, or plain me. He said that I need to get "the me" out of my prayers, and I did. I do plead the blood over myself, but that is it. There is no more help me with this or help me do that. It is not that I was praying just for myself. I prayed for others but to tell you the truth, a lot of it was about me. Since I stopped praying the "me prayers," things have changed. I have seen God move! I can see where I was stopping God's hands in different matters. He gets all the glory in my book.

Also, sometimes you cannot help the "me people." I think that they have to help themselves. I have prayed repeatedly for someone very dear to me that cannot let go of herself. I believe that you know that kind of person. It isn't that they are spoiled, but everything is about them. When something happens to them, it is everyone else's fault. Those types of people want and want. Life is never fair to those people. I have given and given. I have listened and listened, but I cannot take it anymore. I have prayed and prayed, but sometimes you have to let them go. You need to leave them in God's hands. They can literally bring you down. I have sobbed and sobbed over it. She cannot see beyond what is happening to her. I also feel that she doesn't care beyond herself for anyone else's burdens. It is such a heartbreaking thing for me. I realize I cannot do anything about it. I have surrendered her to the Lord, and I am going to go on for now. The worst part of it all is that I probably contributed to this, and it tears me apart. Even though we walk and talk to Jesus, we are human. We think that we know what is best. We know all the answers. We want to make everyone happy. I pray that God can straighten out the mess that I have made. She is so wonderful when the "me" light is not flashing. Oh, Lord, help her!

Instead of me, I really feel it should be Him, Him. Do we remember that He is the one who died to set us free from our sins? It is so easy to put that out of our minds. We were freed from corruption but look at us all now. It is so easy to point the finger at someone else. If you are not going to point the finger at yourself where it belongs, point it at heaven and pray for God to help you. Keep your eyes on Him. Times are tough, and they will get tougher until Jesus comes AGAIN. Oh, Jesus, my heart hurts right now for your sacrifice! Please forgive me!

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