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Thursday, June 10 2021

My I AM Story

Red Chair Confessions

The Confession                      

The world couldn't cure me of agoraphobia and anxiety. The fear and panic attacks were crippling. Working became difficult. Paranoia would set in. I always drove on the far right-hand side of the road, keeping a weather eye for the next exit sign, my escape. I carried a brown paper lunch bag with me to breathe into when I gasped for air. Life was a living nightmare.

The Sordid Past

What the world offered me? Medication. My first Psychiatrist assured me that I was not going crazy. The world couldn't quench my problems with alcohol; it only numbed the pain. When I drank, I drank to get drunk. Men couldn't fill the void in my heart. I had had abortions and shock treatments. One weekend, I tipped a bottle of Jack Daniels up and drank it until I passed out, hoping I would die, but then I woke up.

"Why are you allowing this to happen to me" I cried out? God heard. My life was dismantled brick by brick until I had almost nothing left. I had no self-worth, dignity (what was that?), or self-respect.


In 2006, based on a word from the Lord while taking a shower, I began a weekly bible study and charged $1.00 from anyone who would attend. In 2007, the ministry received a $10,000 check, and I began a 501 c 3 ministry: Jesus without the In 2010, the ministry received a $100,000 donation which further confirmed the call of God. Jesus without the has been privileged to help individuals tangibly through intercession and financially one by one, in prison and globally. Collectively, the ministry has given over 77,000. 

Today, I don’t take anti-depressants. It has been twenty-nine years since I have had a social drink. My memory is fully intact, and I am healthy. I went back to college, on a word from the Lord, at 54 years old. I didn’t even know if I was up to the task. I hold a two-year Biblical Studies degree from Liberty University (with honors) and a BS in Religion (with a 3.79 GPA), except for my final Math credit! I was ordained a revered by my local Baptist Church in 2014 by a panel of eleven individuals (4 Pastors, two of which hold their doctorates.)

Jesus Christ has delivered me free from deep-rooted strongholds, patterns of thinking, and demonic spirits. You can read more in-depth details of my sordid life through The Stained Glass Window at Jesus without the I was the 1 out of 99 who needed a Savior.

I am Reverend Molly Painter, and this is my "I Am" Story.

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