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Friday, August 22 2008

Is it live or is it Memorex?


What the Holy Spirit is putting on my heart this week is that we really don’t believe that God is really real.  If we did, we wouldn’t be acting as if there was so much defeat in our lives and within ourselves…

Is He or is He not really real?

I have learned only by trial and error (more error than not) to pray God into every situation of my life…not only the BIG stuff.  After all the years of defeat, He left me no option, but I look and see that it was for my benefit that He did it this way for me.

I use to take drugs, pills being my drug of choice.  One night I was watching Carman, who is a Gospel singer, on TBN.  At one point, he looked right into the camera and said, “I don’t know who you are, but you need to stop taking all those prescriptions and stop smoking those cigarettes.”  Well, I got flushed all over and I knew, I just knew, that God was talking to me.  That very night I stepped out in faith and stopped taking all my prescription medications (Parnate, Buspar, Premerin and Synthroid);  I also stopped smoking.  For me to stop smoking was a big deal…I loved, and I mean loved, cigarettes but I knew God was talking to me.  There were only two times after that  I craved a cigarette.  When this happened, I spoke this over myself:  “I take authority over that urge to smoke in the name of Jesus.  Get out of here, Satan.”  If in doubt, cast out!  That is a  good rule of thumb for anyone.

You see, I was bound and hell-bent to get the victory in my life and do whatever it took to get it.  It has been eight and a half years since I have taken any drugs or smoked a cigarette.  This is because I believed that I was being delivered a Word from Heaven by a living Savior through Carman.

I hadn’t grown up knowing anything much about God.  I took the Word I received that night by Carman on faith…I just believed.  I can tell you that I am glad I did.  What a mess would have been before me if I hadn’t.

If you will step out in faith to believe that God is real just one time, you will never have to wonder, “Is He live or is He fake?”  For most of us it will be a shot in the dark, but I can tell you from experience that to believe is to receive.  You'll never have to wonder "Is it live or is it Memorex?


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