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Friday, September 05 2008



There are a lot of questions I have had.  Believe me, if anyone could have asked God the question "why" and worn Him out with it, it would be me.  I can just imagine God sitting in Heaven with the twelve disciples saying, “I sure will be glad when Molly comes home.  I will have so much more time for everyone else.”  My Crosswalk, as I have come to call it in my heart, has been tough.  But! With having said that, I can tell you God has faithfully answered every “why” I have asked Him.  I didn’t and still don’t like the answers sometimes.  But, I have enough history with God to know that  if He is allowing something to take place that I don’t like,  I might as well take a deep breath, stop complaining and let God be in control.  I have discovered that most of the time these trials and delays are for my benefit, but it took me years of “walking through” with Christ to mature and understand this.  He has used my sorrows to help minister to others greatly and will continue to do so.  I certainly don’t want my life to have been in vain.  But, I also have learned that not everyone wants to hear that what God is allowing to take place in their life, for their benefit, may involve things they do not like.  Most people want a prayer prayed, an answer given (the one they want) and the problem fixed, so they can get back to their way of life.


There are times when Satan comes at you trying to make you doubt God as well.  He wants you to doubt God’s Word, His ability to heal you, deliver you and set you free from whatever bondages that hold you back or down.  He wants to put doubt in your mind that God has the ability to bring to you goodness in all areas of your life. 


When you are facing something that only God can do, I can tell you that if you do your part, God will do His part…. every time.  When you have fasted and prayed and offered up to the Lord until you are blue in the face, then it is your job to STAND.  By that I mean keep going, believing and above all, stay steadfast.  It is not the time to fly off the handle and curse God and die.  Every time in the Bible when God’s children started complaining and griping, God didn’t listen.


We have to understand that God is God.  Just because we confess Jesus Christ as the Savior of our lives, it does not mean we will receive all we want from God and it is not His fault.  If God doesn’t move the way you want Him to, understand that HE is God and YOU are not.  Remember, “thy kingdom come, thy will be done.”  Well, whose Kingdom and whose will do you want done, His or yours?  We can say that we are letting go and letting God, but are we really? 


Why do bad things happen to so many?  Why does God let things or allow bad things to happen?  Well, I can tell you that I am not God and whatever God wants to happen is going to happen whether I like it or not.  I have learned the hard (very hard) way that I have to surrender my complete will to the Master.  It is my job to be Obedidant.  If you are trying to walk with Christ in this earth and  trying to do His will, then be patient.  He is Father Time and He will do everything in His time not your time.


If you remember nothing else of this Blog…pull out the white flag and wave it in front of God…Surrender your will to Him.  Do all you know how to do and then let God be God.  The days of jerking God’s chain to get a miracle are over…. but, were they really ever here?



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