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Thursday, October 09 2008

The Football Game


Football season is here!!  I know all the men like it.  I did too when I was growing up.  I was thinking about life and how it can be a lot like a football game.  When I was young, my parents’ best friend was an assistant coach at Virginia Tech.  I was a Hokie fan.  We even had a dog named Hokie who lived for seventeen years.  It was all about football at our house.  I could pass a mean football.  I remember playing football in the front of our house..I still like to pass.

I was thinking about this Crosswalk of mine and I started linking it to football.  When I am passed the ball, it is my job to move forward in the things of God (His Spirit) and do what He is telling me to do.  Sometimes I stumble and fumble the ball and the devil (who represents the other team)  picks it up and runs with it in the other direction, causing me to lose some precious time.

The whistle is blown; the referee (Jesus) steps in and I am given the ball and another chance to make a touchdown.  I look down the field and it seems so long at times.  But I know I have to pick myself up and start all over again, running in the direction that God wants me to.  It is hard.  I run and run and I get out of breath.  “Please give me a break, God,” I pray.  Time out is called and I get a breather.  But I know I will have to go back out on the field again.

So, I begin.  Uh-oh, I get knocked down.  Who is that helping me get back up?  (Angels lend a helping hand.)  I run towards the goal of the high calling in Christ.  "You will not get me this time, Satan, because I know your tactics.  I learned from the last time you knocked me down."  What is that saying?  “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  Gotcha!

So I have the ball tucked firmly under my arm and I am running…there it is…the goal.  I cross over the goal line!  Yeah!  The great cloud of witnesses in the grandstands of Heaven are cheering.  I won!  I won!

Final Score:

Molly 7                   Satan  0

See ya next week! Go team, Go!  

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