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Wednesday, November 12 2008



I live in a beautiful climate…it is mid-November and the weather is still beautiful here.  I love to go out in the sun and catch some rays….there are people who will tell you that sun exposure is damaging to your skin.  I know it can be if overdone…anything can be if overdone.


Exposure to the light, the light of Christ, has brightened my whole being and life from the inside.  I have undergone a dramatic change and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  There are people who have and will call me crazy, but I’m not.  This is coming from someone who was raised in Sunday school and church.  But what I lacked was exposure, not to bad things, but to the more of God.


Millions of people are walking around who have discovered the more of God.  If I were the only voice saying some of the things I say, then you would have every right to call me crazy, but I’m not…you just haven’t been exposed.


There is so much more for you to have while you are here on this earth than you can imagine, but a lot of God’s children are sitting in darkness.  Either they don’t know there is more, their hearts have been blinded by the devil into thinking their way is the only way, or they will never get a glimpse of “Heaven on earth”…how sad.  It is as if the light inside of them has never been lit.


The scripture that jesuswithoutthejunk stands on is Hosea 4:6:  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  God is an ever-changing, forever molding and creating God.  Everything you can see right now was first in the mind of God. 


I was hardheaded for most of my life and wouldn’t listen to anybody tell me about anything, especially God.  I thought I knew it all.  Well, I found out I don’t know it all and neither do you.  There are many unhappy people on earth right now and God is the only one who can do anything for them.


Exposure….it is my job to put the truth before you.  It is up to you what to do with it, but if your life isn’t what you want it to be, maybe you need a little exposure.  The kind of exposure I am talking about won’t harm or hurt you.  It is life changing and everlasting…and the best part is that you won’t get burned from this kind of exposure.   But I want to warn you that the older you get, the more difficult it is to believe that something so simple could be so profound.


Exposure…have you been exposed to the more of God?  Do you know that He is really real?  I have been around several people who have had clear visions of the Lord.  If I were to reveal them to you, you would be astonished…I asked them if they had told anyone that they had seen the Lord.  Their response….people would think I was crazy.  One of the biggest tactics from the enemy of our souls is to keep people quiet about what they have seen and heard in the spiritual realm.  Granted, not all is from Heaven.  But we desperately need exposure to the things of God that are taught in the Bible so we can discern what is or isn’t coming from God.  The Bible is not a secret but yet “The Secret” is in there and we need some exposure for our lives so we can truly be the winner on earth.    


I am all for getting a suntan and I am all for going to the tanning bed, but true sunlight from above won’t cost you a dime.  You would be amazed what it will do for your inner man.  Studies have proven that light will lift you up from a depressed state.  It is not healthy to always be in dark places.  I can tell you from experience that the more you sit in the dark, the darker you become and the more you don’t want to just believe.     


The wisdom of all of the ages is within you but you will need some exposure to get it.  I discovered that I didn’t know all the answers and never will but exposure sure brought light into my life…How about you? Could you use some exposure?  Most people look better with some sun on their face.  The sun’s rays can be damaging to you but just the right amount can be invigorating….


Exposure…get some.  You don’t know how good you can look until you try it.



                 How difficult the Son can be when you’ve sat in darkness all of your life…Anonymous 



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