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Wednesday, November 26 2008

It is Thanksgiving…


I can’t believe that it is time for Thanksgiving already.  I know you must be feeling that as well.  When I was young, time seemed to go by so slowly and yet at other times, it would fly by.  People say that it goes quicker as you get older…I disagree.  Sometimes it still drags by when there is something in my future that I want to get to.  For me, it doesn’t have anything to do with my age.  I still believe as a child and I still have the faith of a child even though I am an adult.


The word "Thanksgiving" separated itself to me in my mind’s eye.  It is one powerful word that means so much more.  Thanks….to be truly thankful that I have my sanity after all the years of abuse to my body.  What a gift that I certainly couldn’t put a price tag on.  Thanks...that the Holy Spirit opened my blind eyes to see the more of God and what He has to offer me as His child, was a lot...a whole lot.  Thanks...that I have someone who loves me in spite of all of the things (the bad things, I might add) I have done.  His name is Jesus Christ.


But, then there is the other part and that is giving.  I have learned to give when I have nothing so that others might have.  I was given a food card not too long ago.  I needed to make an offering to the Lord in regard to something in my life.  Now, I could have used that food card but instead, I used it as an offering for someone who really didn’t have hardly anything.  It is the selfishness that God has removed from my heart, quite supernaturally, so that when I give it is out of a pure heart instead of one that asks, “Okay, what am I going to get back if I give this?”  For me, that is a big thing and it has been accomplished by years of sowing into others lives and ministries (as the Lord leads) so that I can be in my heart, not just on the surface, what God intends for me to be. 


So this year as I sit down with my family and partake in the meal that God has placed before me, I won’t have any quilt feelings of not doing for someone who really, for whatever reason, cannot do for themselves.  I don't need to question why I just need to sow where the Holy Spirit tells me.  He sees what I cannot.  I will be able to eat my meal and know I did what God wanted me to and that is all the Thanksgiving I will need…so my heart can be light and I can enjoy myself.


What about you this Thanksgiving?  What do you have to be thankful for and whom did you give to so that they might have as well?


God bless you and try not to gorge!!!!  (Desserts are my downfall; what about you?)



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