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Thursday, January 22 2009

Flu Shot


I had a flu shot this week.  For the past couple of years, I have gotten a flu shot as a preventive measure against the flu.  The Holy Spirit directs me to do this.  Now in my mind, I think of a flu shot in this way:  I am given a little of the flu strain so my body can build up immunities to the flu bug that goes around.  In this way, I will be able to fight off a good case of the flu (Molly’s explanation).


It is the same way in life with immunizing yourself against the big bad wolf called the devil.  If you do not take preventive measures to ward off what is coming, and it will come, it will be just like the case of the Three Little Pigs.  The first one built his house with straw.  Hello!  Look what happened.  It certainly didn’t take much huffing and puffing to blow that house down.  The second one built his house with sticks.  It took a little more huffing and puffing but in case you can’t remember, it was blown down too.  But, the third one built his house out of bricks.  The big bad wolf couldn’t blow it down.  This house was built on a solid foundation. 


There is a devil, although we don’t talk about him much.  That is because not many know much about how to fight him.  In the days in which we live, you will have to learn about fighting him so he cannot blow your house down.  Religion, by itself, is not going to cut the mustard for you.  And by the way, YOU are the temple that the Holy Spirit dwells in.  You have a choice.  You can live in fear of him (Satan) constantly scaring you to death, to the point of death, or you can take a good shot of preventive medicine and find out how to use the weapons you have been given to fight him with.  It is going to cost you some time and effort but at the end of the day, you will be left standing and he will be left defeated.


I took the flu shot and got a little of the flu.  It really hit me hard for a couple of days but that was so I would be prepared not to get a full-blown case of it later.  I did what I knew I had to do to protect myself.  Naming and claiming everything from health to wealth is not always God and it is not always from Heaven.  We have to know when to call for supernatural help and assistance from God and when to stand on our own two feet with our big heads attached, so we can be the victor.  I knew that if I didn’t get a flu shot like I was being told to, it would have been to my detriment.  My house would have been blown down and it wouldn’t have taken much…Are you really prepared?  I am not talking about a 401K plan, stocks or bonds or a big fat savings account.  I am talking about knowing what your inheritance is as a child of God.  You have one if you will but stop and find out what it is.  


At some point in your life, the big bad wolf is going to try to huff and puff and blow your house down.  Are you ready to stand against it?

Instead of RIP (Rest in peace) the order of the day is KIP(Knowledge is power).   



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