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Sunday, April 11 2010

What is Truth?


Definition: 1. In accordance with fact; accurate; genuine. 2 truly, accurately.


I had someone tell me once that what I was teaching, preaching and believing was “my truth”.  When the statement was made to me, it took me aback as it always does when I encounter someone who really doesn’t believe in Christ as our Savior, our great physician and most importantly, our deliverer.  I was sitting there imagining my mouth hanging wide open, so much so that a bird could have actually flown in it.  I was astonished at the remark and I believe this remark was made by a Christian,  although they never said they were one.


It is 2011.  I am very well aware of it because as time goes by, I get older!  So make no mistake; I am cognizant of time, whether it is chronological or having to do with the timeline of our history.  I am fully in the present.  There are many who believe that because we are in 2011, we need an updated version of the word of God.  Some believe (believe?) that because we are in this time in our history that God has changed.  WE think that because we are so intelligent, God somehow has become antiquated in His way of thinking.  Some feel we need a “New Age” religion to go with the times we are in.  With that being stated, we are in a time of great unrest not only in our country, but also within the lives of all human beings…


New Age or watered-down religion is not delivering people who need to be set free.  I can tell you from experience that we not only have a healer on the throne but a deliverer and a wonderful counselor who is ready, willing and very able to come down into our lives and help us.  This help is available to us no matter how big or small the need is. Whether it is to get the best buy on a pair of tennis shoes to delivering us and healing us from dreaded diseases, know that this help is there for the asking.  If you choose not to believe this then you are being hoodwinked (lied to) by the devil.  There is but one truth.  I have never heard a testimony by anyone who went to the Dalai Lama and was immediately delivered from cigarettes and drugs.  I never heard anyone say, “He has made my life better and I feel peace and am no longer tormented in my soul.” I have never heard anyone rich or famous say Scientology saved a sick loved one by the touch of the anointing of Christ.  I have never heard anyone say that Muhammad turned their whole life around and delivered them from feelings of lifelong defeat.  I have never heard anyone say he helped them gain back confidence which was lost from years of being pounded down by others…NO!  I have never heard any such thing.


My truth?  There is a Christ whose name is Jesus who is alive and well and on the throne.  There was a man who was born so He could die and defeat Satan so YOU could get the victory in this earth in every area of your life, whether it be financially, personally or any other way you need it.  The others are just plastic idols that too need a Savior.  Wearing a bracelet won't ward off evil spirits.  You need to have the power of Jesus the Christ.


When you keep going around the same ‘ole bend week after week and year after year, something isn’t right and YOU need to find out who really is called  “THE TRUTH”.  Of course, be aware that Satan masquerades as an angel of light and he will try to stop you from learning the real truth.  He comes through friends, loved ones and people you would never imagine who pretend to follow God.


My Truth?  I got the genuine victory…the real deal.  Have you?








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