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Thursday, February 05 2009

The “Do over”


For several weeks now, the phrase that keeps going over and over in my heart is “get back to basics.”  We as a generation of people have a lot on our plates right now and we could use someone to come along and wipe it all off so we could start all over again….sort of like a “do over.”


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just do that?  A “do over” in life.  Hey! I’m on that bandwagon!  Let me start all, and I mean ALL, over again.  I assure you that if someone was in the marketplace today and there was a person saying, “I know a way that you can do your life over if you will just do this or that,” that there would be millions, if not more, who would “bite the apple,” so to speak.  I would be one of them if I had not discovered what I have….and I can tell you that I certainly would be listening to what they were selling…and believe me, they would be selling something.  People are stressed about many things, from home life to jobs.  God sees it and He is trying through this ministry to help you.


To take your life in the middle of your years and start to do a new thing isn’t easy, but I can assure you of one thing:  It will be the safest place for you to be in the days and the times that are upon us.  But you are going to have to step up to the plate and get it. God is not going to make you.


God is not some funky thing that people wince at when His name is mentioned.  Some people give God not only a bad rap, but also a bad look.  They turn people away from the only living Savior who can really help them.


We have lived in a fast food, quick dried existence for so long that we have almost become desensitized to the only one who can really help.  I had a vision in my head of a plant that needed water.  If you don’t water a plant, it is going to shrivel up and eventually die.  On the other hand, if you over water a plant, it will also die from being too soggy.  We have become, on the whole, especially in parts of the Body of Christ, so watered-down with what God tells us clearly in the word that WE are the ones who are dying because of it.  Then there are those who water it just enough to stay alive.  God tells us that if we follow Him, rivers (do you hear me?) of living water will flow from us.  There are many who are dying from thirst and we need watered.


To the world I am nobody but to God I AM somebody.  I am somebody that has followed what He tells us in the word so my numbness can be rejuvenated and so I can live a good, happy whole life while I am here.  What I learned I didn’t learn in a church. I learned one-on-one with the Holy Spirit.  The things I have learned were basic, yet needed to be learned so I could finally grow up into the adult I need to be.  I had a hurt, young child inside of me that needed the care and attention of a Gardner who knew me from the time I was born.  I needed something more than I knew how to get……I needed the river of living water to water me.


We need to get back to the basics of life….you can learn from the greatest Master of them all.  “Feel good” religion makes you feel good sometimes momentarily, but the lasting results aren’t there to help you in your everyday life.  We are being misled a lot and I am here and have come at this time to give you “Another View”.  Just because you walk with Christ in your life doesn’t mean you are a fuddy-duddy…shame on those people who make God appear in such a manner that turn people from Him.


Basic things need to be taught about how to walk in KINGDOM life so you can get the victory.  They are simple, yet need to be taught.


I cannot give you a “do over” in your life but I can sure tell you that I have found the next best thing. How about a drink?


God Bless you,


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